Mi Son + Snails = Disasters

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Having your best friend call you is perhaps one of the greatest feelings in the whole world. Espescially if they call you unexpectedly. She finally got her own phone back in her room and so she called me like she promise she would. :3

We talked for over an hour… wow. I feel bad for eating up her phone bill, but she and I just can’t seem to shut up once we start talking. XD I really miss her… *sighs*

And I found out today that she has pet snails and er… aren’t taking real good care of them. XD Actually she does take care of them, but it’s just funny. The mummy snail is obviously asexual and keeps reproducing. The container she was keeping it in got too small so she needed a new container. While looking for one she kept them in a soup bowl… and that was when she discovered that SNAILS SHITE A LOT! XD Poor bowl.

But while we were talking, she ended up squashing one of the baby snail, discovered that another baby snail was stuck in the entrance of the mummy snail’s shell so the mummy hadn’t shown up for a few day, and etc etc. It was one hilarious conversations dealing mostly with her snails. *pause* And I forgot to ask her if she named the darn thing! Damn! LOL.

But it was fun. ^_^ And er that took away the time I was planning on doing homework, but it’s all good!

And wow… my blog went over 30 grand now. Wowza… yippee… and now must go.


  1. Pet snails? ick. Oh I finally answered your interview questions. Sorry for the dealy.

  2. Did I ever tell you that I think this is the best layout you have done? -scratches head- Well, I think it is so pretty… ^_^ I wish my bestfriend would call… -sniffles- No one calls me… -sigh-

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