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Linkin Park, one of the best band out there today. Very rare a band comes out with two full albums in which I like every song on there. In fact they are one of the few bands in which I even buy the albums from instead of just downloading the mp3s. Granted I am probably not the best fan to have for any band because I don’t join the membership thing or I am not that obsessed with a band, but LP comes a bit close. Them and X Japan is who I care about the most right now.

A lot of people say Linkin Park is stupid and is just another one of those screaming, whining bands. I beg to differ. Just where are they whining? And about what? Real life issues that every teenagers and even adults go through at some point in their life or whatnot? How is that whining? I listen to these songs and they just capture me. They make me remember my horrible school days. I can easily relate to a lot of these songs. Of course them having good melody and beat to it adds the plus. XD I’m a band student at heart.

Whenever I first listen to a new song, I listen not closely, but just listen. If it has a good rhythm, harmony, and melody, then it has captivated me. Then I read the lyrics somewhere and see how the words flow to the music. And LP definitely has their ways with words. When I first heard them and read the lyrics, I was appalled to see how they didn’t use cuss words at all. I think that if a band tries to replace the cuss words with something more meaningful, I call that art, a form of art. Granted I love songs with cuss words, but sometimes it gets tedious and repetitive.

All of their songs are songs I can relate to. It brings out the emotions I wasn’t able to bring out when I was younger. Of course back then I was a spoilt brat as well, but did I really deserve some of the stuff? Does anyone deserve cruel treatments from their peers and mentors? Even if it’s just verbal abuse, it’s still abuse and it hurts. LP reminds me of those days and I am glad they put in a way for people to express it easily.

So yes, I beg to differ why they are stupid? I know not everyone will like a band. That’s entertainment for you, but the way some of these people word their dislike for LP, well simply put disgust me. Enough of my rant. I’m done.


  1. I actually used to be an avid LP fan about 2 years ago. I had an obsession, meh. I’m not a fan anymore, simply because I grew tired of their music. I do that frequently though, I fall out of music I once loved. :l

  2. I feel the exact same way. LPs music has definatly got me through some rough times.

  3. I’m an avid fan of them and think that their music is in a genre of its own- unique. I’ve never grown tired of them and I still do love them *_*

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