Spirited Away

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What a great Hayao Miyazaki’s film! I can finally understand the hype about that movie and am real glad that it won the Academy Award and those other prestigious awards.

I had only seen couple of Hayao Miyazak’s film and one of them was Kiki’s Delivery Service. The movie, Spirited Away is so much better.

In this anime movie, we start off with Chihiro, a typical, apathetic, sullen, ten year-old girl. She along with her parents were moving to a new house and they were driving there. The father took a wrong turn and they stopped in front of this tunnel. The parents decided to check it out, but Chihiro wasn’t too keen about that. She followed in the end.

On the other side they came upon a grassy area. The father said that this had to be one of those theme’s park that ended up closing in the 90s. They walked a bit further on and walked up these stairs. They came upon a street full of restaurants and Chihiro’s parents started to eat there. Chihiro, herself, wandered on and met this guy named Haku. Haku told her to get out of here before it gets dark and that he’d distract the others. Chihiro ran to get her parents but they were turned to pigs unfortunately.

Chihiro tried to escape to the way she came through, but below the stairs, it was all water now. So she was trapped in the Spirit World. She was forced to work for Yubaba, a witch that owned that bath house where Gods came to relax off. With the help of Haku, she tries to find ways to save her parents and to go back to her world. She also sold her name off to Yubaba and got the name of Sen. The contract which anyone signs for Yubaba enforces them to sell their name and not remember it as time goes on, but thanks to Haku, who we find out later is an apprentice to Yubaba, keeps calling Sen, Chihiro.

Through her adventures, she transforms from an apathetic girl to a young, courageous lady. This anime really is Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece. The sounds, the score, the animation all comes together to form a wonderful anime that will stick with us watchers as time goes by. The ending song is really gorgeous as well. I am in love with it.

So all in all, this anime is worth your money. I am thinking about buying my own copy now! Thanks Jen for letting me borrow it!


  1. mark jelks on

    loved spirited away

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