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Kevin Smith is one fucking hilarious genius!

Before I seen this, the only other Kevin Smith’s movie I saw was Dogma. I thoroughly enjoyed that and then when I saw that this was another one of his movie, I watched it eagerly.

In this one we have two college students, just bumming around at the mall after being dumped by their girlfriends. Brodie (Jason Lee) was a huge comic fan and ah, is declared “retard” by his girlfriend Rene. T.S. (Jeremy London) is more serious, but is ah rather dense with some situation but he definitely love Brandi. In fact both of them loves their girlfriend very much but only one of them realise it and admits it.

So they bum around the mall. Meet up their friends such as Jay and Silent Bob (yay!), Tricia who is a 15 year old girl who is writing a book on the Male Sexual urges or something and does experimentation with men from about 16 to 35, Gwen who is T.S’ ex and other whacky character. Situations after situations, they decides to win their girlfriends back.

Brandi was being auctioned off on her father’s show (who by the way, the father HATES T.S.) so the two friends get rid of two of the contestants and take their place. Brodie doesn’t want Shannon (Ben Affleck) to take his girlfriend and wanted to prove to people that Shannon was truly an asshole, asks Tricia to get a tape she had taped while she and Shannon was being “intimate”.

This film is really a silly film, but the comedy will make you laugh and stick through it. The chemistry between the two friends are really funny to watch. It might not be an Academy Award type of film, but it’s still good enough to watch it and enjoy it as well.