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Something screwed up my Greymatter…

I login and first thing it said to run the Diagnostic and Repair crap. And I am like what the… I clicked on Edit Entries and it tells me I had no entries whatsoever. After I blinked myself to oblivion, I checked everything and all my files were still uploaded. So I ran all that and then I noticed that the entry below, I had 45 comments of repeatedly the same thing. And I was wondering if that caused it. Or did Greymatter just went bloopy on me… stupid POS.

Great. And I wanted to blog about something. Oh yeah. I saw Mars. I’m actually in shock about that still. Korea, the place you cannot see the Orion’s Belt, was able to see Mars. Wow. Jen and I saw it outside of Navy Club and she was like, “Look, there’s Mars.” And I was like “WHERE?!” Once she located it for me I was in awed. Wow. This is like such an astronomer’s dream. :3 Yeah I wanted to be an astronomer or an astronaut when younger. Planets and stars always fascinated me ^_^.

But enough of that. I got a damn blog to fix.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    I answered your questions:) The best I could, anyway! lol…I think you got me back^^x

    My blog’s messed up, too. The margin keeps on shifting, so I’m thinking it’s actually my compy. *sighs*

  2. Sounds like someone hacked into your greymatter. There’s no way it would do that on your own. Don’t become an astronomer. It’s a freaky subject. Trust me. I took a course in it and I learned some pretty scary stuff. Oh yeah, I had a dream about you last night. :)

  3. i think a whole lotta kids want to be an astronaut or something when they are young!

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