First Day(s) of College

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Why did I put my masochistic as my mood? Because that’s how I’d describe myself for the past two days. My EDCP class doesn’t start till 11:45 but I force myself up at 6ish and then go in with daddy, having him drop me off at Dragon. Then I go to the HS and stay at the band room helping Ms. Lee. Several people probably think I’m nuts for not sleeping in, but hey, I want to help my favourite teacher! ^_^ Besides it’s a good way to keep in contact with some of my underclassmen friends anyways.

Anyways, class. It’s fairly interesting. I have Mr. Norris as my teacher, and I don’t think I can ever call them by their first names now… I’m so used to using Mr. and Ms or whatever in front of my teachers’ names. But he said we can call him by his first name. Jeff and Mike are in the class. Jeff is wonderful to take the class with me! I at least have company instead of feeling like an idiot in that class. :3

I had already finished my first day of HW for him this morning and most of it was due tomorrow. Goody for me. The 2600 is a good book to brainwash people. I was reading it and then I realised that its repitions was a method of brainwash. Oh great. But it’s a good thing I suppose. So far the class seems like it will be helpful toward my grammar skills. But we’ll see… I do hope we don’t have Thursday class. I want to sleep in.

Oh and daddy dear got me the 2nd LotR movie! *dances around and squeals* Whee! ^_^ He knew I was dying to get it so he got it for me. Mwahaha. And he fixed the laptop… *kicks it* Stupid password prompts!!

But anyways, my schedule is rather good. This is what my schedule is so far:

6ish: Wake up, get on the pc just to check mail, and then shower.
7:30ish: After doing stuff at Dragon, go to Ms. Lee’s room.
11ish: Leave and head either straight to school or stop by dad’s (if he’s not taking the day off) office and pick up my books since they are so freaking heavy for me to carry.
11:45: Class began.
1:00: Class End.
Afterward: Whatever the fuck I want! Which be coming home or more likely, hanging out.

Lovely schedule, eh? Yes. Very flexible LOL. But yeah.

Oh and Interviewees, please wait a few days. I actually want to study (again my masochistic tendencies) so yeah. I’m out now!


  1. Norris. heh, i seem to remember having him. I heard he was a hard grader, though. I think you can call any of the teachers by the first name unless they tell you not to.

  2. ahh yeah, coming out of high school and into uni, i had to get used to calling lecturers by their first name.

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