The Interview Game

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Before I go on with main topic of this entry, I need to vent some crap out. First off, I am sick of rain. Second off, I start college courses tomorrow. Can we say I’m ready to die? Yep. I am. Lastly, I’m insanely going to the high school at my usual go there time. *dies again* Classes don’t start till 11:45 and I am getting my butt up at 6. I’m a fucking masochist. Now for the Interview thingie and I just saw lightning… I hate lightning!!!!

The Interview Game:THE RULES

1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond; I’ll ask you five questions.
3. You’ll update your website with my five questions and your five answers.
4. You’ll include this explanation.
5. You’ll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Got that? Then the first 5-10ish people (If I even get that many) that leaves a comment, will get interviewed. Have fun!

And here are my answers to Chibi Misao’s question. I have to admit that she knows how to torture me, especially with the first question.

1. If you were forced to choose between no computers (including internet access) or no books & movies for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Oh good grief. This is definitely tough. I grew up on books. Books were my friends when I was in elementary school. It took me away from all the troubles of growing up and I felt as if I was in an entirely different world.

Movies became my passion at about the age of 13 with the stupid teenage cliquey type movies. However as I watched more and more movies, a lot of them give out hidden messages and just captures you in ways you can’t describe like books does. And then after seeing several movies in how I could make it better, I’d love to be a screeplay writer and a director.

Now with computers… what is there not to love about a computer? You can type up your reports now and it spell checks for you unlike a damn typewriter. You can keep in touch with people on the other side of the world by email. You can chat with people now, even be voice chatting and using webcam now. The internet and computer totally revolutionised our world. If I were to go back to the days before using computers, I can’t imagine it now. Now, thanks to downloading protocols, one can even watch movies and read books online (if they can find a place that’s hidden from the lawyers). The computer is so verastile that we can do almost everything on this piece of machine now.

But then if one look back at their histories, books has always been there. Before man knew how to write, they’d pass down information by mouth. Books became a useful method of keeping information. Back in the old days, what was the book everyone read back then? The Bible. Movies came around the late 19th century and early 20th century. And the computer came into existence during the 1950s. However, compared to books and movies, a computer, despite it’s usefulness, caused so many problems. Viruses, system crashes, run electric bills, cost a lot of money to get faster connections, and etc. Books and movies are so much more reliable and therefore, in the end I’d choose books and movies over the computer. Each has their ups and downs, but one slightly overrule the other.

2. Which piece of literature or which movie has moved you the most?


The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank – I heard about the book in third grade but didn’t read it fully till fifth grade. Once I read it, I was captivated. It simply amazed me that a girl of 13-15 would write like someone who’s got a masters in English or something. She had a way with word. And I could relate to her a lot when she went into hiding. Like problems with her mum and how she’s more of a daddy’s girl. That fits me as well. The book just captured me. It will always be one of my favourite book of all times. Hell Anne Frank is like my idol… she’s the only one I could consider an Idol for me. ^_^

The Giver by Lois Lowry / Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut – That book… it deserved its Newbery Medal Award. That book makes you think. And for me, after analysing the book and everything dawned on me, I was horrified. Living in such a world like that would certainly take away all our problems, but a world without music? Books? Colours? Sunlight? Snow? Animals? *shivers* That ain’t a fucking utopia for me. That’s hell pretending to be a utopian society. Same thing with the world in Harrison Bergeron. Forcing everyone to have the same intelligence level… good god. It certainly moved me when I read it in 10th grade. In fact after reading those two, I don’t ever want to hear another group of people trying to achieve utopia because it’s fucking BS. And in fact what frightened me more was the fact that one day such world might exist…


The Shawshank Redemption – Who can NOT like this movie? This movie got it’s sarcasm, humour, drama, angst, morale, and etc etc. Many people, especially Long, was telling me to watch this movie. I didn’t understand the huge hype until I saw it myself and it blew me away. Nothing was expecting of this movie. Everything was like … ironic and unexpecting. And the characters were all lovable minus the baddies. And the movie make one realise how many people actually get thrown in prison for a crime they didn’t do. It makes me think about our legal systems at time. This movie has everything that a movie goer would love. And it’s moving… makes you cry too!

Event Horizon – I wouldn’t say this really “moved” me, but it certainly left an impact on me! For one, up till now, this movie is the only movie that scares the shite out of me. This is your typical, horror, sci-fi movie. However the concept of someone building an artificial black hole and succeeding just scared me to death. It could happen in the future and I am hoping I’ll be dead by then if some idiot decides to do that. Science is scary as shite, yet needed.

3. If you could relive the best moment in your life but could never have a memory of it again thereafter, would you?

No I wouldn’t. What’s the point of reliving a memory that you cherish the most when you wouldn’t be able to remember it? All those things that happen in your life happens and it will always be part of you. Memories are something one should cherish, whether good or bad. It’d be nice to relive the best moments, but honestly what’s the point if you wouldn’t be able to remember it. I’d rather have the memory for the rest of my life so I can look back and smile upon it, then be totally ignorant of my happier days.

4. What would be your dream house?

My dream house… Oh god. A penthouse. That’s my dream house! I need to live in a city, and an apartment is wonderful… but a penthouse at the top of the apartment is even more magnificent. Especially if it overlooks a river in a city. Like the one in Ichon area. It’s a lovely view at night. Wow. If I were to live in a penthouse, I’d be in heaven. I’d have more than enough room for all my crap!

5. What’s your preference: chocolate or hard candy?

Chocolate. They are easier to chew on and melt faster. And it’s so much more rich in flavour. Besides! Chocolate actually has some good chemical (forgot what they were) that helps your body as stated in 20/20 one time. The darker the chocolate, the more of that good chemical is in there.


  1. the scene in even horizon where the ships crew were killing eachother with their bare hands…still scares me to this day.

  2. Chibi Misao on

    *gives standing ovation* AWESOME answers ^____^ Not to sound like an English prof. or anything, but I wasn’t purposely trying to torture you:) You’re a deep thinker, and a deep thinker deserves a deep questions:)

    The Giver is an excellent book^^x One of my favorites as well. Have you heard of a book called Feed? It’s pretty good…you should try it!

    Oh…and since I never got to do any questions for the interview game since I just happened to see it floating around, you may have the pleasure of torturing me with your own set of questions if you wish ^_~

  3. I was thinking about going for this but I think I changed my mind. I think… yeah. And don’t worry about the storm. I’ll destroy it with my bare hands. Grr.

  4. Dark Maylee on

    You gave a really good answer for question 1. If it were me, I’d probably say no books or movies and keep my computer. :B *is an idiot*

  5. cybrpunk on

    It hasn’t rained here in weeks. At least now I know you’re hogging it all.
    You can interview me if you like.

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