What A Night!

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I haven’t felt this happy ever since Mi Son left. ^_^

I met my guy and I felt absolutely nothing… god what the fuck is wrong with me? But yeah. Met him up, played a little bit with his Gameboy SD or something. Then we talked. Then he had lunch down at Oasis and he bought me Jalapeno Poppers. Yummy. Been having those cravings. Then we parted. In between I saw Kim, Min, and Anthony at Dragon and hung around with them in between hanging around with my guy.

Jen got off work at 3:30 and today was her last day and this is where all the good stuff came in! We treated ourselves at the Beauty Salon. I got me a manicure and chose the colour black. Jen did the same thing with her manicure and pedicure. Aside that, she also got her eyebrows waxed and those looked painful. I am NOT trying that anytime soon. Now that I paid for a damn manicure, let’s see if I can prevent myself from biting my nails now.

Then we came to her house and blahed. I picked up my “clubbing shoes” as I call them and went back to her house after stopping by the market to pick something for her mum. After having a lil’ electricity problems, we got ready for our night out in Itaewon. I borrowed Jen’s low rider pants. They were tight, but real stretchy and they kept coming down. Thank god for the Hide tee shirt, which I also borrowed from Jen. And after putting on those shoes, we left.

We stopped by Lime Light at first. We certainly saw our shares of strippers and dancers and couple of them were GUYS! I was in heaven when they danced. Those guys were HOT. But then it got boring. No one else was dancing and we weren’t about to dance up there by ourselves. And we were thirsty as well, but we weren’t about to pay like 3,000 won for water. Hell no!

So we left and decided to check out All That Jazz because I’ve been wanting to check out Jazz Clubs ever since I found out by surprise they existed in Korea. So we checked it out and we arrived just in time to see live performances. Man! The band was good! It was consisted of a Tenor Saxist, Guitarist, Bassist, Pianist, and Drummer. Wow. I was amazed by their skills. I loved the band. Listening to their solos was such a wonderful experience.

But the only problem was that the club was expensive. The cheapest stuff in there was like 5,000 won. Holy Crap. But the music was worth it, I suppose. ^_^ I’m definitely going to make this a weekly thing now! Mwahaha! And I’m gonna explore other Jazz Clubs! Whee! What a lovely night!


  1. Hoshiko on

    I feel bad for your guy but we really can’t force you to feel anything if you don’t ne? Hopefully you guys would be able to work things out. Good luck! ^_^x

    And by the way, this new layout is a beauty. It looks so romantic… *sighs*

    And the domain layout rocks too!!! ^_^x

  2. Jazz Clubs are a great place to chill. I used to go with my dates to them when I was single. I’m sure there are some good, cheap ones out there. Not all of them are expensive.

  3. Oh, I forgot something. My little cousin wanted me to set her up with a livejournal but when I went to the site they said something about an ‘account creation code.’ They said only existing members have them so I was wondering if you can help me out with that because I know you have a livejournal. I really have no idea about that or how it works so if you could just send me an email or leave a message on my blog about it. Thanks.

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