My Guy is Back

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My guy is back. Yep he’s back in country. Called him up. Made plans to see him tomorrow. The strange thing is I don’t feel ecstatic or anything. I just feel there. It’s like I don’t care if we are a couple or anything. Is that normal?

Friends say that when I see him tomorrow, I’ll be happy. But I highly doubt it. It’s like he’s not my priority anymore. College is my first priority. Then comes finding a damn job. And then hanging out with Jen till she leaves. And then something else. It’s like he’s way down there on my priority list.

That’s not a good sign from someone who’s in a relationship, eh? Hell it doesn’t even feel like a relationship. Just like a measly summer fling. I feel absolutely nothing. It’s like I don’t even care about anything related to relationships anymore.

Oh well.


  1. Naaa, I just think it means that you are normal! Obsessing over someone isn’t a good thing, ya? I’m glad that he’s back because I remember how you were the day he left [kikiki]. I also think that when you see him you will get that lovely feeling in your heart and be like Yeeee! ^^;;; If that makes any sense… Yarr… -huggles-

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