1st Anniversary Layout!

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Actually … I guess it’s the first anniversary of ACnet, but not the first anniversary of blogging. *sweatdrops* So which is accurate? *shrugs* Oh well. ^^

So yeah, tomorrow, August 15th is the anniversary for this blog and the 2nd for TCK! Whoo hoo. Let me know what ya’ll think of this!


  1. Oooooooo…. this is GAF…. GOTH AS FUCK….. and… DAYAM! It’s so elegant. *smooches* Happy Ani TC!

  2. Kalirose on

    I LOVE the layout, Tara-chan! It’s so goth, very lovely. Happy annivsery! ^__^

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Lovely, lovely, lovely:) Happy anniversary!!! ^_^

  4. oooo dark and elegant

    i like


  5. Crimson on

    Congrats Tara! That’s awesome! A whole year XD Goodness, I remember when you still blogged on your main domain. We’ve known each other THAT long? O.O *hugs hugs glomps*

  6. Britani on

    Wow…nice layout, though quite dark…happy anniversery!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Yay for the goth layout.

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