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Here’s a rant on the George W thing from couple days back when I was too pissed to blog coherently enough. Read at your own risk and don’t blame me if you are a BUSH supporter, seeing your beloved president getting ran downed by a person who doesn’t matter much at all.

You know. I really am disgusted by George W. Bush right now.

I understand that his attack on Iraq was a necessity (even if I am rather anti-War), but everything else he does, is plain stupid.

His recent acts of making an ammendment that legalises only Heterosexual marriages, is an injustice. I respect he’s a devout Christian, thus following the Bible and his own beliefs. I understand that him and other people will never accept Homosexuality and will always be against it. But what I don’t accept nor understand is him trying to enforce his belief on the entire country and make it into a damn law. It’s one thing to stick by your views, but another to enforce it on someone else.

Now mind you, I am not a Homosexual. I am Heterosexual with maybe a teeny bit of bisexual tendencies. But I have friends that are homosexuals and bisexuals. I was brought up to accept everyone, no matter what race they are, their cultures, and their religion. And as I grew older and wiser, I learned to accept people without judging their sexual orientations. Sexual orientation is one of the factors that make each individuals unique. If everyone was Heterosexual, then we wouldn’t be a diverse race we consider ourselves to be. Same thing if everyone was Caucasian, the same blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure with pale skin walking around all over the place. I’d be scared if everyone I see is practically a clone.

Looking at the history of our young country, wasn’t it founded first on the basis of freedom? A place where one can worship their religion without the fear of getting attacked and ridiculed? And then when we did win our freedom from the British, didn’t the Constitution come along with the Bill of Rights? Then as more years went by, US was quickly becoming known as the Land of Freedom and Opportunity, right? So WHERE THE HECK IS OUR FREEDOM if one man decides to be an idiot and influence other important people into taking it away from us?!

You know people tell me that reading the news is really good for one’s knowledge. But it’s also not good for the person’s stress level. I read an article at and these two paragraph caught my eyes:

When asked if Bush considers homosexuality a sin, McClellan responded someone’s sexual orientation is “personal business in the president’s view.”

He added, “The president is not someone who believes in casting stones. He is someone who believes that everybody ought to be treated with continuing respect.”

== CNN Article Source

Okay. Bush is a religious person, growing up in a Christian society. The Bible states that Homosexuality is a Sin. So if he grew up learning about his religion and had it drilled in his mind, then yeah, anyone can see he views this as a SIN. I mean one wouldn’t really go through the trouble to create a law on something they didn’t believe in now would they?

And then the person says that “…he is someone who believes that everybody ought to be treated with continuing respect.” Isn’t that contradictory to what he wants to happen right now? If he believes that everyone should be getting respect, then the same would apply to Homosexuals and Bisexuals rights of getting married. He and the others in this situation are making the affected lives miserable and their “campaign” is showing no respect towards them at all. In fact it’s the opposite, DISRESPECT.

Amazing how two paragraphs can have such idioticy in them. In fact, it’s simply amazing how someone who has no respect to everyone in his country can be a candidate for a president and win. Sometimes I think the lyrics from White Lion’s song When the Children Cry fits so much.

“No more presidents… and all the wars will end…”

Everytime I hear that, it makes sense. Especially with the situation that’s happening, now. It’s really a sad world when a country that’s supposedly the free-est country in the world, isn’t so free…


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