That Time of the Year

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Ahh… yes that time of the year. The dreaded renewing crap and paying for hosting and domaining. After going through the hassle of writing a freaking cheque, all that’s left to do is for Dad to mail it. Whoo hoo!

Amazing. This year I only paid $89.40 for two domains and my hosting package. After deducting with my $20 dollars gift cerficate (from Dreamhost for hosting with them for almost three years now. By this interesting pattern, I am expecting a 30 dollars one next year!), and bunch of rewards, my original fee of $289.40 went down to $178.81. I asked dad to help pay splitting it in half so that’s how I am only paying $89.40. :3 Not bad, eh? Even though on the cheque I sent, I had the full $178.81 amount on there though. I will bug my dad to transfer his share into my bank account X3.

Ahh… now I just have to worry about next year. Ahh… the horror of writing a cheque… It’s TRULY evil. I hate writing them. Anyone else? :3


  1. Writing checks are so much fun!!! Nah, just kidding. I think checks are too big. Credit cards and stuff are funner.

  2. thats espensiveish isn’t it?? i paid about US$80 but 3 years? thats a long time!

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