More Proof on Dumbass Bush

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Is it possible for my respect that was at 0 to go even possibly lower? Yes I think so. Amazing how such a person can accompolish that with me.

I swear, Politics IS just SO not my thing. No wonder why I did bad in AP Gov’t. And if this is politic, along with with the stupid Freedom Fries thing, “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” thing for the military gay servicemen, and many other crap, I’d rather just live in a neanderthal time period with no government whatsoever.

I am in a crappy mood now. I hate bullshites like this. Grrr.


  1. not fair for gay people huh?

  2. Crimson on

    Hey you! *glomps Tara* *sniff, sniff* I’ve been gone so long, I missed ya ;) Been on hiatus due to the fact I was missing internet on my ‘puter at my apt. BUT I’M BACK!

    Anywho, yes Bush is a dumbass. Seriously tho’, makes you wonder how in the hell people as brainless as him make it to be President. Americans, bah. I’m moving to Canada XD

  3. Coronet on

    Yes, that irked me too. I saw it on a few days ago and I was just like… "wtf." -_-* Well, I think it’s b/c Bush is conservative Christian, right? Can’t blame him; it’s what he was taught his entire life.

  4. Ignorance is no excuse for Bush or for any other person regardless of who you are.

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