College Planning

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Ah… these days the thing that’s been on my mind IRL is college. Yep. I am planning to take courses at UMUC at base. But I am really getting confused. I need to schedule an appointment there. I really want to start taking courses, but I am hesitant. I don’t know what courses that I take will be transferable. And at this point in time, I am NOT in the mood to take classes that will be not creditable to my major in whatever colleges I choose to transfer in the future. The colleges that I have in mind to transfer right now is UN: Las Vegas, and UC: Berkeley. More might go in the list in the near future, but not sure yet. But those two are definite on my list.

And bah. I have to take the placement test for English and Math. I am so afraid the damn placement test is going to put me in EDCP and I heard that, that class is a WASTE of time. All it is like learning basic grammar and etc. Perfect for someone who’s ESL and is still weak, but not so perfect for someone who isn’t ESL. I am going to see if I can get out of going into EDCP XD. Even if the darn placement test says so. *glares at the UMUC rules*

Anyways so far these are the classes I plan to take this term:

Introduction to Writing (ENGL 101)

This class is going to be from 11:45 to 1:00 pm on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri. I really want to take this class. Mr. Cook, is awesome, according to Jen. She had him and from what she told me about him, he’s just cool. I mean I honestly don’t know any teacher that will let you get away with calling him an “old fart”! *sniggers* And since he’s teaching this class, that is one of the reason why I do not want to take EDCP. I am afraid he’ll be bye bye in the next term… so I want to take this THIS term.

Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH 100)

This is a Tues/Thurs class from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. I always wanted to take Psychology in High School, but I never had the room for it, so now is my chance to take this class and see if I rather like the study of human nature or not! ^_^

Information Literacy and Research Methods (LIBS 150)

Gag. This IS not a class I would have chosen at all. This is a seminar, held on two Saturdays and it’s all day. x_x;; Jen told me to take this class now and get it out of the way. *ugh ugh ugh* She said it’s required in other colleges as well. I hope so. UGH! This just doesn’t look like my kind of class. And who in their right mind would TEACH on a weekend? Bah. I’ll ask my counselor to make sure that I need this before signing up.

So yeah. That’s the basic plan so far. Three courses this term. And that’s going to cost 1000 bucks. Oi… I hope dad’s helping me pay.

OH! And I might be able to get Jen’s Sales and Marketing job at DHL! I still have yet to hear from the school on whether or not I can work there though… Guh… I’ll stop by sometime next week and ask. God… I am so afraid to apply for jobs here. I am afraid that if I apply for one, the one I want will offer me it after I accepted this one and I don’t want to cancel the other job offer…

Job and Colleges, NOT a good COMBINATION! Very stressful. But I’ll start worrying next week…


  1. Chibi Misao on

    OMG…Intro to Psychology. I do hope you have more of an interest/tolerance of psy than I did. I had a crappy teacher, and that class drove me nuts (the irony of it all).

    Sounds like a pretty good term, tho:) Have fun and good luck!!!

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