Update on Work

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Work is slightly better. At least I’ve been doing more stuff than, janitor-related stuff. In fact, today I was associated the most with the typewriter. Now I need to think of a name for that. And my mind is blank in the name aspect, so it will come later.

I, however, am not liking my supervisor telling me that I need to dress more professional looking. I dress nicer than I usually do and they still want me to wear a damn belt and tuck in my shirt. Well fuck that shite. One of them should provide ME a belt. I got none. So if they want me to wear one badly, then they better fucking get me one. I ain’t buying one at all. I understand the shirt-tucking thing, but never in my working experience, I heard that one needs a belt if their pants has a belt-loop thing.

As anyone else ever heard that? Because I most certainly haven’t, and Jen and other people haven’t either. But she said she’ll get me a belt. *roll eyes* I fucking hate their stupid “We have to look professional around here” shite. She and the other lady are both saying that they are telling my partner and I that this is for our own good. I KNOW that. I just don’t see the point in doing something if you know the concept. Espescially since summer fucking hire is only four weeks. If I got a job there, permanently, then I’ll buy the damn “professional clothes”, but this is not permanent. And I don’t need to hear this advices from you guys, I already heard it ten million time, so do me a favour and shut up.

*sighs* Too bad I can’t SAY that to them.

Uggh… two more weeks. I can survive two more weeks…


  1. Belt? Ah, I never heard of that either.

  2. Gracie on

    Hey, Tara-Chan, haven’t talked with you for ages, missed ya *hug*
    I’m glad work is slightly better, but you’re right, it is ridiculous – I’ve never heard of that either. A belt? ._.;

  3. Porr Tc! Sarang he, Dong Saeng!

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