Effing Connection

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After being connectionless at home for like five days, I finally got it back.

I swear my connection has a cycle, let’s die on Tara-Chan every six months to make her miserable and realise that no matter how good the net is, it’s still sucky. >_< ;; So yeah I am anticipating the next crash down in January now. But I got it back now and last night when I got it, I couldn’t access my blog, whereas everyone else could, and that scared the shiteless out of me. But now I obviously can. XD. But yeah, I am back. With a 17 inch Dell Flat Screen Monitor! Whoo hoo! I love this screen. *huggles it* Now I can change resolution without doing all that adjusting crap! This is supposed to be at the highest rez setting 1280 x ???? whatever it was, but that was too small for me, so I am still at 1024 x 768. XD But yeah I love this. And Summer Hire stinks. All this week, my partner and I did mainly the following: 1) Shredded papers. It got so bad that I decided to name the two shredders, Sylvester (which I pronounce Slyvester) and Sally. 2) File crap, but the one day when I worked upstairs, I had a computer so that kept me happy for a bit. 3) Clean out the damn mini refrigerator in our supervisor office. 4) Dust our supervisor’s desk. 5) Little misc. stuff that doesn’t deal with computers much. 6) Vacuuming crap. So all in all, when no one else got anything for us to do, we are stuck with janitor shite. It’s not even the second week and I already sick and tired of this job. Normally it takes me at least two weeks to come to that conclusion but not this time. What pissed me off more was that our supervisor kept saying this to us when we were cleaning the fridge and their desk on Friday: “Oh you girls are doing such a great job. I love you here! My office is so CLEAN!” *gags* Well geez thanks. I feel like such a servant now. So much for taking nine computer courses to be reduced a fucking servant for the next three weeks. Will someone kill me, now? Please? Next Monday, I’m going to be cleaning the microwave now. And I have no clue how to do that without the right supplies. Fucking piss me off how because they don’t want to do it, they give it to us. If I’d signed up to be a servant, then I wouldn’t mind, but I wanted desk, clerical works, dammit. Argh. Summer Hire is fucking a waste of time.


  1. cybrpunk on

    eek! Slave labor! run away!

  2. Chibi Misao on

    Hmmm…maybe you have to work yourself up, but since you have so much experience with computers already, you should really start compiling a resume to get the awesome job you deserve:) *cheers on Tara-chan*

  3. yeah flat screens rock!!! i have a 19" one so ner ner :P

  4. Coronet on

    yar, I know what you mean. Fuck summer hire. I’m so dang tired of how all my skills went to waste there. That’s why I only did it once. -_- Too hell if I’m gonna go clean someone else’s fridge again.

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