Bah, Stupid Summer Hire

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Geez people, do you really see me as a person with no common sense?! I mean I know slip ons aren’t the most sensible shoes to wear to an amusement park, but considering how most of the rides I expected to ride had barriers for my feet, I didn’t think I’d end up losing it. And not too mention I find them more comfortable than sneakers, and I knew I was going to walk a lot, I decided to wear those. Had I known I was going to ride a lift, and I had no clues I would, I wouldn’t have worn them. I didn’t even KNOW that place had a ride that you have to ride the damn lift to get to a ride.

Gah I am pissed.

And no, the fault isn’t of you guys who commented on my lack of common sense that day.

I had a very stressful day, thanks to the idiots that were in charge of summer hire. I signed up as usual for second session in May. They called my dad around the end of May informing that I was to work with 175th Finance and that they’d contact me before my session started. Did they? Hell no. So I had no clue if I even got the job for this session.

So I went to the in processing, only to find out that they moved from the movie theatre to the damn other building on the other post. Thankfully I got a ride there. After getting there and waiting an hour and a half, seeing that someone else got my supposedly job, I was told that my supervisor from the hospital couldn’t pick me till 1 o’clock and told me to come back. So I walked back home in this really painful shoes. I decided to screw looking “nice” today and just wore my sneakers back.

So after being there for two more hours, realising that they didn’t even put my name for the hospital, this one girl and I finally got a job at 34th Support Group, which was two fucking minutes away from the building I was situated in. Got introduced over there, and there are too many people to memorise. Good thing those GIs got the name thingie on their chest or I’d have a hard problem figuring out who’s who.

After getting some work to be done, I was lectured about knocking on closed door. I’m sorry about that. Really I am, but after seeing two of my supervisors going nuts in finding this person’s form, I figured I found it, I went there and since my mind was that form, I completely fucking forgot my etiquette. Sorry, but seeing how IMPORTANT that form was, that’s all I was thinking about. Man I don’t know what’s up, but one of the supervisor really acts like she think I am stupid. I’m sorry if I seem slow, but I had a cranky day, I was tired to death, and not too mention I have HEARING problems, and it takes me a while to understand new people’s speeches, so sorry if I seem dumb.

And then Mi Son lectured me about the damn reality today when I complained about what happened today. I love you, Mi Son, but honestly I was NOT in the mood to hear about the lecture. I don’t care how you have it worse considering the fact you work at a bar, but I’ve become so used to be people being nice toward me and them thinking that I was competent enough, that seeing people think I am dumb and getting lectured didn’t boost my self-esteem at all.

However, the only good thing about this job location is that 1) I get to come in at 9 and still get an eight hour day job pay, and 2) The lunch hour is from 11:30 to 1:00, giving me an hour and a half lunch period. Whoo hoo. Other places were only an hour.

*sighs* Today WAS not the best day ever. So much for thinking they’d let me get on easilly when I’ve been doing this for three years now, making this year my fourth session of summer hire.

I really hate it. The only reason WHY I’m even doing this is because Dad wants me too. He doesn’t want me to sit on the computer all summer long. I fucking wish he would. This is my last summer as person before going to college and workforce. After this I won’t be able to do that anymore, but nope. Dad wants me too.

So maybe I do sound self-centred. But really, after seeing other people get favoured when I do twice as much as work and help around, I’m sick of doing shite for nothing. I feel so damn incompetent, and so like I am worth nothing. I see the other band kids get laid off more than I do, I see my English teacher letting people that should fail, pass. I try to be nice, and do what people in charge of me expects, and I feel like I get nothing. The only people I don’t do that to is my parents, and I feel real bad for that. I’m sorry they have to see my bitchy, pessimistic side, but it’s become second nature to me. I am a fucked up kid. And I want some recognition, nonetheless. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

I’ll shut up now. And I apologise to everyone for having to read this meanass entry.


  1. Wow, I thought I was having a bad week. No, there is nothing wrong with what you are saying. It’s not making you look too self-involved.

  2. Chibi Misao on

    No, I completely understand where you’re coming from. If there’s one I thing I’ve learned from society is that hard work is second to the ass kissing and brown nosing that some incompentent people do. It’s irritating to see some of these idiots work their way up and have them croon about how their "hard work" has paid off when they do nothing but sit on their lazy butt and think up of new ways to suck up.

    Hard work does eventually pay off though. It has its merits and a brown noser’s charm only goes so far. So keep at it and things’ll start looking up for you:) *hugs*

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