An Amusement Park Lesson

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I learned that wearing those Adidas slip ons are NOT a good idea at the amusement park. Espescially when you are riding the ski lift thing.

So I must remind myself to ALWAYS wear something that will not slip off when I go to an amusement park.

Basically what happened was that my friend wanted to do this one event called “Bobsleighing”. So we did and we had to ride the lieft to get our butt over there. I rode it previously and had taken off the slip on and held it on my hand and I wasn’t at the edge.

This time however… I took it off and I WAS on the edge of the lift and the edge had no barrier so… er alas one of them fell onto the net below.

It was utterly embarassing x_X;; My dignity was ruined today, yet it was still hilariously funny.

So here I am, sharing this piece of advice for you alll. :3

But other than that, Mi Son, Gina, Sarah, and I had fun at Everland, the best amusement park in South Korea. Whoot. And after spending eight fucking hours there, I am NOT wanting to go back to any amusement park at the moment. My feet hurts, my leg hurts, I am tired after only getting 9 hours of sleep for two days, and etc etc. But all in all, it was FUN. :3 And I am too exhausted to go into detail. Bah. Lazy me.


  1. isn’t it common sense to wear proper "shoes" to an amusement park? :P

  2. lmao! ^^’ aww that poor shoe! XD. BTW: could you please change my link to my updated blog? Thanks ~_^

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Glad you had fun:)

  4. Heather on

    I agree that "proper" shoes are common sense, but I still would have loved to see that happen. XD

  5. lols. wow o_o;; well yeh of course. especially if you are in Six Flags here in USA. the rollercoasters that have no ground lols. woop * slipoff

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