Finally, A New Layout

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Tada… Yes. Finally. Amazingly I finally got out of my layout block! Whoo hoo! And I have Yoshiki sama to thank for it. :3

Do let me know what you think, and YES that’s a Man in Drags. Pretty though. *envy*


  1. Kaoru on

    He’s not in drag! That’s what they all wear in the visual kei scene! -coughs- 80’s -coughs- Anyway I love the color of it!!! ^__^ Green and red are lovely, na no da!

  2. Chibi Misao on

    NICE! ^_^ lol…

  3. Sabbie on

    I love the green, and the image! Blurring, eh? Yummy!

  4. Nessie on

    Whee men in drag <3 xD

    *HUGS* great job hon :3

  5. Heather on

    Mmm, I do like the new layout. Pretty green. XDD

  6. ahhh tara..x.x haven’t seen u on forevers. i emailed u =)

  7. Very cool ^^’ You’ve been plugged XD

  8. Hurrah! Jrock bish! *glomps layout* It’s so pretty and soothing. I love it. It’s good to see you since… forever, as well! xD

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