4th of July

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Happy 4th of July everyone. Funny. I just noticed how this is the only holiday where I don’t give a crap about. LoL. I guess it’s because every summer, so far, I’ve been on the Hols, so this day really doesn’t make me feel any different. The other holidays are different since they give me a day off, but a holiday that gives me a day off already when I got days off? Hrm. Makes one think. But now that I am out of high school and will go into the working world… my thoughts for that holiday will change. :3

Ah. I’ve been hanging with Mi Son for the past few days. ^_^ It’s really enjoyable. I really do miss that girl. :3 She got so much more prettier. I still feel like a rubber duckie compared to a beautiful swan. ^_^ But ah well. She’s still the awesome girl I know.

Hrm… my dad said I was sick last night. *pouts* And it was all because I told him I was downloading Care Bear music mp3s and the lyrics… well excuse me for being nostalgic. It’s kind of like you, dad, when you download 1940s radio shows off WinMX. Bleh.

But that’s beside the point… I really am feeling nostalgic. I want my childhood back… well minus the bad parts. Yes… I want my innocent days back. But whatever. I can’t go backward in times… unfortunately.

Oh and on a side note, I’ve changed the layout at TCKingdoms. Do check it out!


  1. Heather on

    Nobody these days gives a crap about Independs Day. Well, only the military guys. They don’t count *cough*

  2. Lilian on

    Hahah, yeah…July 4’s just a reason to play with fireworks and make lotsa noise. X]

  3. Kalirose on

    Hey, there’s nothing sick about downloading Care Bears music! I downloaded the end song from the second movie a while back but it got deleted. >_< It's such a pretty song! I was sad that it got deleted. 40’s music. Now that’s sick. ^^

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