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*grins very very widely* Yep. Mi Son is back! My bestest bestest bestest friend is back for a visit for … *sighs* only two measley weeks, but it’s better than no days I suppose. ^_^ But she’s definitely back. *scowl* Mummy made me believe she was still in Guam. Grr… But oh well!

Dang it!! If I didn’t have the heart to resolve some stuff with Livingstone, I could meet her today, but noooo. I have to put it off to meeting her tomorrow. *pouts* I want and need to see her before I die of impatientness! *groan* Sometimes surprises aren’t very good… if I’d known she was coming, I would have kept everyday for the next two weeks open… *sighs* Alas it doesn’t work that way.

But anyways… I am still HAPPY! *dance around the room wildly* Nothing can ruin my happiness today… and Livingstone better not ruin it. Mi Son, I WUB YOU!


  1. awwww group hug! =p

  2. Heather on

    Aww, I’m so glad to hear she’s coming back! I’ve heard you talk about her so much! XDD *hugs and love*

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