Much Ado About Nothing

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The version that I saw of was the one with Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.

That movie was brilliantly done and protrayed. I first got introduced to this Shakespeare play by a fanfic called Too Wise To Woo Peaceably by Jaykay. It was a Harry/Snape fic in which Harry was Beatrice and Snape was Benedick. I had thoroughly enjoyed that story and thus got me interested in this play.

Well I finally decided to get the DVD. I got it and I stuck it in my player and wham, I was hooked. I thought the cast was very well picked with the exception of maybe, Keanu Reeves. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t in the movie as much as the other characters, but I thought from what I’ve seen of him, he seemed bland. I don’t think he plays a real good villian. XD. But yeah. Kenneth and Emma as beatrice and Benedick was perfect to the core. Watching them bicker like children with wits was hilarious. I was really surprised to see Denzel Washington as Don Pedro. He was pretty good, he fit the role well.

But really movie was wonderfully enjoyable and funny. The music and the scenery fit well with the movie and all. I think this has become one of my favourite Shakespearian comedy now. ^_^