50 Bucks Job

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Well I actually left the house and stayed out longer than 30 minutes for the first time in like 6 days. Goody for me.

Ms. Lee called up my dad to see if I would be interested in working for her from 12 to 5 today and get paid $50. Of course I was interested. And you know I really love that woman if I was going to do the work for free. :3. But anyways I got there about 12 and before that my mum fought over my ears. x_X;; I was earring-less for not even a week and the damn holes almost closed up. Damn it was a bitch sticking an earring in there. And it hurt!

But anyways got to the band and got scared shitless by the MPs dog parked there… good thing they were in cages or otherwise, Tara the living person would have become Tara the dead remnants. Basically all I did for the next 4 hours was doing what I did ever since like 8th grade. Put away music and etc etc. It’s a bitch fighting with the filing cabinets. And it sucks being short. I had to stand on chairs to work on the top cabinets. Poor me…

But yeah I only worked 4 hours today. I’ll finish up my other hour and than work some more for FREE this time if she still needs me. :3. But yes I got my 50 bucks. Whoo hoo. Oh yes. I got a little graduation gift from her as well. An Angel Bear statue. Really pretty. And I found out that of all the Band and String Aides she had this year, I was apparently her favourite. *is proud* And it’s only because I would almost always be the only one out of the practise rooms and help her instead of doing my homework like the others were doing. Okay I’ll stop gloating now. Just a little shameless er… bragging here. ^_^;;

Oh and I also got 3 new dvds today. I was gonna pay for them with my earned money, but daddy insisted. ^_^ Hey no complaining there. These are what I got:

Pretty Woman
Much Ado About Nothing
(the one with Kenneth Branaugh)
Care Bear Movies 2

Yes the last movie is no joke. Sue me. I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the past few weeks. I am seriously regretting giving away my all-time favourite movies and shows I liked as a kid. I didn’t give this movie away… but the tape I had it on is … MIA. I have no bloody clue where it went. Bah. So yeah… ^^ Now I just need to get a new copy of Lion King. I really regret giving that away. And my 101 Dalmations. The animated version… *sighs* Oh well. That was the highlight of my week so far…


  1. Kalirose on

    CARE BEARS!!!! I <3 Care Bears! It was my favorite when I was a kid. Movie one’s better though. `^_^

  2. er….you have strange taste in movies.

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Tara-chan…have you finished HP5 yet? I need someone who will complain with me about what Rowling did…u_u

  4. Crimson on

    Hey Tara *super glomps* Man I’ve been gone forever, eh? I moved my websites to moon-flower.net/~crimson

    Looks like you’ve kept busy. Much love!

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