5th HP Book!

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Yes! I got the 5th book at the local mega-bookstore called Kyobo!! ^_^ It’s the American version, but I ain’t gonna complain. I’m just glad I got it! Whoo hoo! For 44 Thousand won, about 40 bucks! I overpaid, but do I care? NO! It’s worth it! Now I just got to read it! WHOO HOO!


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Man…lucky you! I won’t get mine ’till Tuesday b/c I have to have someone send it to me >_< Don't spoil it for me:)

  2. Hoshiko on

    I WANT SPOILERS!!! ^_^x Lucky you, I’m broke so no book 5 for me. T_T

  3. my fav char died… *goes to sob quietly* im still in denile…. im so mad a j.k how could she do that!!!!!!

  4. Daaaaaaaaang now that’s an EXPENSIVE book!

  5. Heather on

    Wow, I definitely don’t understand why people are going insane over Harry Potter. I had to go out and buy the new book for my mom. But if it makes you happy, hey, go for it!

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