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*big goofy smile*

I met Tokki-Chan today! It was awesome!

Finally meeting an online friend… what an experience. Anyways I told her to meet me at McDonald in Itaewon at 1. I told her I’d wear my “trademark” Adidas sandal with socks. XD. She said she’d be wearing glasses and had a black messenger bag with a red Kenshin.

Well I got there and waited a few minutes and saw a girl with glasses and etc come, but I couldn’t see the bag so I didn’t know it was her. She was the one who came up and asked if I was Tara, and yeah. Well I met her mum and aunt and supposedly her brother (didn’t see him though). So we had a few hours to hang out.

Well we stopped by my house for and I showed her the realm of TC. XD. We went through my anime collection and I ended up giving her this X Clamp Postcard set. She gave me 3 Heero/Duo Shounen Ai Doujinshi booklet~!! *squeals* And I got Hershey Hugs from Rita, a friend of Tokki-Chan who couldn’t come >_< ;; I wish she did. She's awesome too... Then I signed her on base. Her parents never been on this base before so they are rather curious about this place. She’s the first person in her family to come on base. ^_^ I showed her the high school I attended and Dragon Hill Lodge, the hotel. We met up with Jen. We had a nice conversation. Then we ate at Oasis. ^^ Tokki-Chan seemed to think that the base was a nice place. According to her “This is like a country club place, except instead of golf course, it’s an army country club.” LOL. Yep… I guess that’s one way to describe the base. After that I took her back to Itaewon so she could rejoin her family. I got to see her older brother’s face this time, and … BOY can I say he was CUTE?! *drools* ANYWAYS… But yeah it was a fun day. I’m only sad that we aren’t gonna meet again… oh well. At least we met this time! Last time she came, we didn’t meet. x_x; Oh well. Today was a wonderful day!