Going going gone…

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My guy left for LA and Las Vegas today at 10 AM. I already miss him. He hasn’t been gone for more than 12 hours yet, and I already miss him.

Amazing. I’ve become addicted to his presence in less than two weeks. How will I survive the next month and a half? Well I believe it’s more than that.

*sighs* I keep worrying that he’ll change his mind about us when he comes back. Will he? He said he wouldn’t, but that pessimistic part of me keeps thinking otherwise. I need to be more optimistic…but I can’t. My damn pessimistic nature has become part of me. Gah… I’ll entertain myself and distract myself from going nuts without him. This was a useless entry. I’ll shut up now.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Isn’t that just ironic? When you first become a couple, you always worry 110% of the time that something’s going to happen. Eventually, that feeling will go away, but doesn’t it sometimes feel like you’re more worried when you become a couple than when you both weren’t? Or maybe it’s just me…

    In anycase, cheer up Tara-chan! You’ve graduated, and it’s your time to party ^_^

  2. I know what you mean….My Marcus has been in Germany on an exchange program for a full year now. I’m so worried when he comes back he wont be mine anymore, that he’ll be someone I don’t know at all. -_-‘ Thing is you have to keep faith you know? Not in God or whatever, but in your relationship. Hope that helps. :

  3. ooh sounds like somebody is on cloud 9 ^_-

  4. Nessie on

    Augh, my pessimistic side has become part of me too.
    And i was so optimistic as a child. I guess i dont dream the way I used to. =( Sigh.

    Anyways i havent been online recently – congrats on the new relationship! ^^

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