Back from Country… *shudders*

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After being at my grandma’s house for only about a day, I’ve come back. It’s good to be back. I was going nuts there… the thoughts of being there for a week makes me shudder. I love my grandma and all, but damn it, I’m a city girl. I am NOT a country girl.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Well other than me seeing several days old puppies. ^_^ They were cute. But really it’s not my fault I went nuts there. I thought, since I was only staying for a day, 4 classical music cd and one book would keep me content. How wrong I was… But I felt better when I went to a cyber cafe in a town near there. I felt much more “gooder”.

Anyways… wow I haven’t blog in like forever. Other than that, my life is going great. Surprisingly. It’s a nutshell lol. My boyfriend is real sweet and the whole situation scares me still, but not as much. I think I am slowly adapting. Whoo hoo… and now that I’ve slowly adapted, he’s gonna be gone for over a month. Oi. It’s gonna be rather lonely without him, but I’ve got others to keep me occupied. ^_^

Speaking of others, Tokki-chan is in Korea~! Whoo hoo! I wonder if Mochi came… for those that don’t know, they are my good online buddies. ^_^ My sunbae dul (older acquantices). I get to finally meet either one or both of them this week sometimes! Whoot! Can’t wait.

Well I’m outs now!


  1. Su Faye on

    Hehe I’m a totally city girl too, I dont think I would survive in the country for longer than a couple of days!

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