Graduation Day 2003

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Oh man… yesterday was truly a great day for me, minus my stomache problem XD. Wahooo!!! June 7th, the best day of my life so far! Graduation ceremony of Class of 2003!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

The entire ceremony was fine. The only part that killed me was the part where the Keynote speaker was speaking. *dies* It took forever. I thought I was going to die. If I’m ever a Keynote speaker at a graduation, I’ll keep my speech indefinitely short.

But anyways… the only time I ever felt like crying was when Jamie did the speech. Kinda strange… I never really liked her and seeing her cry and everything made me want to cry. Oh well. But yeah. I got my diploma and I graduated with honours and I got one of those Presendential Achievement Awards. Yay. I guess being in band four years, paid off. And I wasn’t expecting anyone to cheer me when I got up there. I was rather surprise. And I heard Sarah’s whistle. XD. Noisemaker. ^^

Wow… I never expected to get so much flowers at all. I knew I was getting flowers from my aunt and my mum and Tina, but shite… Okay so this is what I got: 2 HUGMONGOUS bouquets of flowers from mummy and auntie, Bouquet / Teddy bear from Tina, Flower and card from Ah Mi, Flower from Sarah, Flower from Hyeji, Bouquet from Hannah, Flower from Jen, Flower from Mike, and I believe that’s it.

I also got a lot of moola and couple other gift. ^_^ I got 100,000 won from mum and another 100,000 won from auntie. I also got X Japan ‘DAHLIA’ cd from Kristine! Whoo hoo! ^_^ My first actual X Japan cd and it’s real too. She bought it in Japan when she was there in Spring. XD. Whoot!

After that I went to the reception and holy COW it was crowded. Needless to say, I wasn’t hungry… I was thirsty. I think playing that sax got me to be very thirsty. But yeah… anyways. Stayed there and then I had to meet Karey at 1 so Daddy and I left and I threw everything in the trunk, and changed shoes, got my bag and ah-ha left.

The next few hours were really lovely. I mean… wow. I never knew guys could be so tender to me, I suppose. Karey and I decided to check out the new Family Park and well… it was nice. We found a pagoda there and just sat around there and chatted. After staying there for an hour and a half, we left to Mini-mall and got some shake and blast at Baskin Robbins.

After finishing up our drinks, we went back to Dragon and just lounged around the comfortable couches in the sunken lobby for about two hours. And when I said lounge, I meant REALLY lounging. :3 It was wow… he or perhaps in a way, both of us, got past our shyness, and we were cuddling in more ways or another. It was really… just nice. Lovely and sweet. One of the sweetest thing he said during our little cuddling session was this:

Me: You’re late… wouldn’t you get in trouble when you get home?
Him: Maybe, but it’s worth it.

Now tell me … why wouldn’t any girl swoon over that? I most certainly did!

Well after that, I met up with Jen, Charles, and Jeff and we went to Carne Station and met up with the rest of the group. This was when my stomache started hurting. After not eating anything and then suddenly eating, it hurt. But after a while, it became better.

I got highly buzz (or drunk, according to Jen) by about 4 shots of vodka total. They didn’t have the Cacao Liquor there so I was slightly disappointed. But yeah. I am a happy, talkative, and clingy drunk. According to Jen and Jeff, that’s better than the angry drunk or whatever. Oh well… but yeah. I got home around 11:30. Wanted to stay out all night, but Jen and Jeff couldn’t and I didn’t feel comfortable with the others too much so I just decided to come home. I came home and I crashed. Literally, I crashed into bed and fell asleep immediately.

But yes… that was my grad day. It was a wonderful, wonderful day!


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  2. Heather on

    Total congradulations on graduation! I don’t know why I keep forgetting you’re a senior. Love and happiness for everything! XDD

  3. Carrot (alias Gimli) on

    Congratulations! :D Confetti!

  4. I get like that when I’m drunk too.

  5. Congrats! ^^’ XD

  6. ahhhh congradulations, you’ve finally finished! sounds like you had a great time too, in more ways than one ^_-

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