Baccalaureate and Resolution

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Well the big day is coming up in another 14.5 hours… tomorrow at 10 is when graduation ceremony of SAHS for c/o 2003 starts. Whoo hoot!~ Today was the, well that long forsaken ‘B’ word in the subject. I am too lazy to type out that long ass word. x_X;; It was boring. I thought the senior class sponsor had said no religious-related shite. Well how wrong that turned out to be. Considering how it was at the fucking Chapel, of course there would be religious speeches. >_< ;; Come on, Tara. Use your brain. I really wanted to die during those religious speeches and prayers. I wanted to die. One prayer was bad enough, but two?! GAH! My dad was exactly three rows behind me and he definitely saw me fidget throughout most of the ceremony. I am such a bad girl. *roll eyes* Well excuse me for thinking like a scientist and using common sense. I can be a good person without having a religion, thank you very much. I hope there isn’t any “prayers” shite in the graduation tomorrow. I sincerely hope not. Oh yeah. I got my final transcript and my last report card for HS… I got 3 Bs and 4 As… making 3.5 GPA for the semester. Yay. Oh and according to my transcript. I got 40 for my class rank out of 130ish people. Not bad… I guess. *shrugs* I don’t care. At least I passed! That’s all it matters! *grins* Graduation tomorrow. Whoot! Anyways… erm… regarding the last entry… I overreacted. x_x;; I still think guys are immature prat 99% of the time, but believe it or not, I think I got myself a … boyfriend? *gasp* Yes it’s true. XD. But yeah… to make a long story short, basically through emails, hand gestures, and other signs, it looked like a friend of mine had liked me as more than a friend. So after driving myself nuts about it and getting other people’s opinion about those emails and other signs, they agreed with me on that… so I confronted him. And basically he got scared and said it was all a fucking joke and of course… well I thought it was really the case… I did think of the fact that he was nervous, but after being betrayed by other guys and girls in life, and the fact that he didn’t seem like the type to do that kind of joke… just came crashing down on me. So I got pissed off at hime. After stewing and after writing a drabble for that incident, a friend of mine talked him the next day and found out the truth for me. So yeah… we are in the process of going out, I suppose. He’s a shy type so it’s gonna be awkward for the first couple of times… I think. All I know is that he’s a sweetie… so far. XD Hope he doesn’t change… Anyways I’ll shut up now. More later! ^_^ I’m too happy about graduation right now to even think about anything else. Yay!


  1. Yayie on

    Still, it was silly of him to act like that when you approached him. Well, I hope for the best!

  2. Yay! Congrats, Tara! I graduate on Monday… isn’t it just a faaaaaaaabulous feeling? WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!! We’re done with high school! XD

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