An Epiphany

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You know what? I don’t care who will prove me wrong in the future, but as of right now, ALL MEN FUCKING SUCKS!!!

Once again, I’ve been deceived badly. I hate men. That quote from Shakespeare, “I’d rather hear a dog bark at a crow than hear a man say he loves me,” is so damn true right now. Men stinks and sucks. And if this offends you males out there right now, then TOO BAD!


  1. your experiences with men haven’t been to good lately eh?

  2. Ouch… :'(

  3. I take it that you either got dumped, cheated on, or some asshole tried to get you to sleep with him, no? Don’t worry, most guys are losers, especially where I live, but oh well, ya kill some, ya win some eh?

  4. Fantasizer on

    *sighs* oh well…I guess males there aren’t much different from ones here –; I tell u…they’re same everywhere XD

  5. Yayie on

    99.9999999999% of males are idiots that should have their sperm taken from them and then put down. It’s beyond rare to find a guy who has something resembling some sort of logic. And no, it’s not about relationship issues all the time. Men have proven to be inept in just about every aspect of life.

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