The Pianist

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There are only three words that comes into my mind to describe this movie. They are: Brilliant, Poignant, and Realistic.

Maybe I am biased toward the movie because it focuses on my favourite subject of history, and that happens to be the Holocaust. But this movie was just wonderful. Not only was it about the Holocaust, but it also infused music into it. *grins* That’ was an added plus!

In this particular movie, we start off with Wladyslaw Szpilman, a well-known pianist in Poland, playing for this one radio channel. It was September 1, 1939, and was the beginning of WW2 in Europe when Germany invaded Poland. Szpilman is from Warsaw and that’s where the course of the movie will take place. The movie was filmed by what Szpilman himself has seen during the war. Well he goes back home to his family. The mother wanted to move out, but the Father was optimsitic… and then they were optimistic once they heard that England and France were attacking war on Germnay. It’s a shame that their optimisim was torn down in the future.

Later on, after many stupid laws made by the Nazis, Szpilman and his family was than transported to the Warsaw ghetto with 30,000 other Jewish people. Life in the ghetto went on as normal as possible. Szpilmam raised little money by playing piano in a cafe there. To avoid deportation, the entire family got a working certificate. In the end, that didn’t help. The rest of the family, minus Szpilman, and thousands of other Jews were deported to Treblinka in a massive deportation. Szpilman, after working there for a while, got others to help him to get out. He succeeded and were hidden and helped by Polish people. And in the end, he survived… with the help of even a sympathetic Nazi, ironically.

You know what was freaky? I thought that this movie was a Historical Fiction type of thing, but when I found out it wasn’t and that Szpilman DID exist, I was dumbfounded. This movie, in a way seemed more realistic to Schindler’s List. Maybe it was the fact that the director of this movie himself was a Warsaw Ghetto survivor made it more personal and heart-breaking. Either way, both movies were good.

Adrien Brody really was a good actor. Not too mention, he was and still is fucking sexy. :3. But that’s beside the point. I thought he did a wonderful job delivering his part in the movie. I can see why he’d win the Academy. Of course that view might change once I see the other nominees movie, but so far my vote stands with him.

*shivers* This movie really made me cry and damn… the devastation for the city of Warsaw was horrible. It’s amazing what has happened to our course in history. This reminded me of Dresden or from what I’ve read of it. Oi… but I think what really got me was the fact that only twenty, TWENTY, Jews survived in Warsaw by the end of the war and Szpilman was one of them… It was simply amazing how anyone could survive through that times of terror and nightmare. Human history is definitely scarred… forever in time.