Shorthands Amongst Asians

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Have I ever mentioned I hate how Asian-Americans seems to be the most to use their “famous” shorthands? I sure fucking do hate them.

– That sux
– Kool
– I’m a kyootie.
– U r mah lyfe.

Okay those are just some of the examples. >_< ;; I don't know why, but I just find them annoying. And then of course half of them uses sticky caps, which makes it even worse! I'm just odd. I can't even stand it when people I chat with use those repeatedly. I mean sure I use some shortands, but not enough like that. Is it that hard to type out the entire word? I mean I forced myself to get over most shorthands so I don't get in the habit of typing like that in schoolworks. I just find it annoying and weird that it’s mainly the Asian-Americans that does that. Yeah sure, I’m Asian-American, but I try to type properly… it’s not that hard really. *sighs* No offence to any of my friends out there that are Asian-Americans, but really, it’s just one of my pet peeves. Hell even other people that aren’t Asian-Americans does that and it still bugs me. Oi… AND WTF! When I tell someone I’m busy, can’t they take the hint that I am ACTUALLY busy for a change? *fumes* Okay I am in a very bad mood. I think it has to do with all the stress I’m getting from schoolworks. I’ll shut up now. No use in ranting like a bitch who just lost her mum or something. Bleh.


  1. That’s not Asian-Americans, Tara, haha. That’s just stupid Americans. And I totally understand – I c it all teh tyme!

  2. StIkY cAps Are StoooPiD!! whats the point of taking 5 times as long to type somethign that looks dumb..

  3. Jenny on

    moo. never encountered a person that spells like that. w00t, right?

  4. Steph on

    I know what you mean about the ‘busy’ thing. People just won’t leave me alone either! X_X *dies*

  5. James on

    u r teh b3st

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