Banned Books

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After not being able to find the gay/lesbian fictions at the library of this stupid Army Post, I remembered Ms. Pell telling my english class about the banned book list on the net. I found one, and lo and behold here is the link:

Banned aka “Challenged” Books List

I cannot believe this list LOL. This is ludicrous! I knew HP was on there, but for heaven’s sake! Some of the books I’ve read as a child is on there! Man… the stupidity and narrow-mindedness of human beings never cease to amaze me. *shakes head* Stupid censorship. And stupid people for taking away books from people that WOULD like to read them.

*scowls* Of course homosexuality is one of the issues in reasons why people want them banned, so of course I will not find any homosexuality fiction in the libraries around me. Or the stores. Dangit. And I want to read them! I don’t want to order them yet… I’d like to read them first *sighs* Oi. Such is life…

*roll eyes* What’s next on that banned book list? The Grimms Brothers’ Tales? I mean come on. Those got evil witches and blah blah as well, so let’s ban that as well. *scoffs* Morons… stupid, ignorant, single-minded, morons.

I’m so glad I had parents that didn’t care what I was reading as long as it wasn’t all that bad. And now I’m cranky. Great. I’m fired-up. Goody. Whatever. I’ll still read banned books. Hell half of the books I’ve read that are banned were reading assignments. *snickers* Glad my school isn’t censorers.


  1. Yayie on

    Jesus. It’s funny to see a book on that list that’s about banning books and gov’t control over the people. It’s stupid to ban books. Banning books is the same as taking education away from people.

  2. censorship sux. its all abotu crappy politics that only a minority give a shit about. grrr >.<

  3. Jenny on

    I’m bored. Can you send me your snail mail addy? XD

  4. Steph on

    :: sets list on fire :: See? No rules, ^^’ Let’s just go have a good time.

  5. Gah, that’s pathetic. Half those books are considered classics and are read by a bazillion students every year. Then there are books I remember reading in Elementry/Middle school. Dumbass censors…

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