Prom and After Prom 2003

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Yes now for my prom entry.

I met up with Lori at 11:30 to go and get my hair and make up done. The end results: I loved it. Sandy, the hair/makeup artist, definitely knew what she was doing. I’ve opted to do an upstyle and the way she did it… I knew I wouldn’t have been able to do that myself. ^_^ But yeah that cost me 50,000. It was originally 70,000 but mum asked me to call her and see if she could give me a discount and so she did.

Then Jeff, Jenny, Jake, and I all met up at Dragon about 5:30ish. The 3 Js and a T as I would like to call my prom groupie last night. We walked out the main gate and caught a cab and went to the Marriot Hotel. That was one nice hotel. We waited and then registered.

This was our 5-course dinner:

Shrimp Cocktail
French Onion Soup
Caesar Salad
Chicken Cordon Bleu, Beef Tenderloin, or Teriyaki Salmon (In this case I got the chicken)
Apple Pie A La Mode
* Coffee or Tea

Our drink was water. In order to get any other drinks, like Pepsi or Seven-upish type drinks, we had to pay 6,000 won or about 5 bucks to get a drink in a small glass. I got some, but only because Jeff, my date, got it for me. Thank you, Jeff!

But yeah… they did everything at the beginning, like announcing the prom court, so we had nothing to anticipate after dinner, but to dance. x_x;; We girls got this prom gift bag thing. We got an ugly wine glass (it sure is uglier compared to the other two I got), and a photograph keychain. I also took the dinner menu off the table with me. XD I liked the menu so I was like, eh, why not take one.

We all decided to leave at about 10:30. It just became so boring, that we couldn’t endure it anymore. So we caught a cab, came to my house, I changed out of my dress (oh and I saw someone else wear the same dress as me, but I didn’t care.) and changed into something more comfortable. Then we called up Lori and went to Itaewon. We also met up with Jonathan, Jonathan’s sister, and John.

We first stopped by Bless U. I got Lori a Corona and I got myself a Chappalla. Jenny got Rum and that tasted awful and Jeff got Scotch and that tasted a wee bit better, but nevertheless still nasty. Then we decided to go to King’s Club. That’s a major club for all us foreigners down here and holy crap. Lori goes there almost every weekend and well.. I thought I’d like it, but fuck no. That place scared me. LITERALLY scared me. It was too wild, too loud, too crowded, and the idea of being with all those guys… well scared me. Okay so I AM still innocent >_< ;;. Jenn and Jeff left, and I was either stuck with Jake and Jonathan (the other two left to meander), or stay there with Lori. I opted to just go with them, and after going all the way down to where I used to live I just came back to King’s and got me a Long Island Ice Tea. That drink isn’t so bad, but I still don’t like that place. Then curfew came along at 1 AM, and Lori wanted to go to the Underground on Post. It was another club, similar to King’s but slightly less crowded, but nevertheless still the same. I saw Lori get herself a Corona, a Long Island Ice tea for her and me and then diss the guy bad. That was kinda cool. I should learn that method of getting drinks. XD. After that club closed, we waited for a guy named Miles. He was a friend of Lori who always gave her a ride home and he works at the Underground. So we got a ride, and he came up with us to her house. The next 3 hours, Miles and I cleaned the house, and we drunk sat Lori. She was drunk off her ass and oh man, after seeing that, I do NOT want to get that drunk. She called Quincy and his sister like so many times that I lost count. But yeah… I didn’t go to bed till about 6 this morning. I finally gave up and she was about to head off to bed anyways. So I slept and woke up at 12ish. I am dogtired now…thank god tomorrow is the “Official” senior skip day, so I can sleep in and use that day as an advantage to hang out with Jenny who’s leaving this week. Speaking of leaving… >_<;; All my girl friends are leaving in the following next few months!! Jen, Lori, Jenny, Eyvonne, Gina... damn. I am gonna be all alone... Poor me. But anyways that was my lovely prom night. Now I'm gonna crash soon.


  1. Yayie on

    I hate proms. Didn’t go to mine.

  2. sounds like you had a great nite!

  3. Jenny on

    My rum was DELICIOUS!! You drank a diluted version of Jeff’s scotch. He said the ice had melted. That’s why it prolly tasted a "wee" bit better. Hm…. I hope you get to sleep in on senior skip day.

  4. Nessie on

    Wai~! :D sounded like fun fun.

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