Final Concert

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Last night concert was awesome.

It was then when I realised that senior year is the best and the worst year of anyone’s high school career.

That concert was the best I’ve been in. I played tuba music on the keyboard for Cadet band, I played in jazz band, and I played in concert band. My sax died during when concert band was playing and that pissed me off. I had no clue what was wrong. I think it was the reed…

Even though concert band didn’t have a special entrance and us seniors didn’t give Ms. Lee anything other than flowers (which I thought sucked of us), it was still marvelous. Seeing and feeling how this was going to be my last concert with Ms. Lee and last time in band has hit me bad.

*sighs* I hugged Ms. Lee once and then after our finale, which rocked (minus my damn sax), some of us hugged her again, me included. Oh man she was crying big time. When I hugged her, she said “Thank you, Tara. Thank you for everything.”

After she said that, and after I walked off stage to the backstage, I started crying. The realisation of everything has hit me. And the fact that my sax chose this concert of all concerts to die on me. But really … damn. Hannah and Eyvonne saw me, and they were giving me strange looks as to say why the fuck was I crying. LoL.

They wouldn’t understand, now would they? Sad how the ones who’d understand how I feel about is the ones who aren’t really my friends, and are the ones who were like me, been in band since 7th grade. I mean, band was the only class I’ve ever looked forward to take each year. Music has implemented my life. And I am truly going to miss that sax. It became my baby. Played with the Yamaha Sax since 7th grade as well. It had its ups and downs, yet I still wish I could keep it. Asked Ms. Lee if I could buy it from the government. Scratch that idea x_X;

Ms. Lee is the only band teacher I ever had, but she’s simply the best. We’ve had other teachers or guest conducting us, and I personally thought they all lacked something, and that was love. Ms. Lee loves us. She loves her job. I’m not religious, but in a way, I feel as if Ms. Lee is a figure of Christ and Billy Pilgrim from Slaughterhouse Five. Not saying she’s mental, but how she spread music to other people like a mission. That’s what Christ did religion-wise and that’s what Billy did with the Trafalmaldorian Time theory.

But yes… last night was awesome. Lori was there. She loved it and she said the last song we played, which was Jekyll & Hyde was the best. Mum and Dad said it wonderful too. Mum almost cried when she saw me hug Ms. Lee on stage.

This concert was poignant and memorable. I will always remember it.


  1. sounds like you did a great job, even though your sax died.

  2. Chibi Misao on

    It’s always nice to have something nice to look back upon during high school. Sounds like you guys outdid yourselves in the concert:)

  3. Lady Athena on

    Sorry your sax died (just like my piano dying in the middle of a recital *cringes*), but it sounds like you guys really kicked ass! :)

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