Chinese Mustard and Other Stuff

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Before I go on, Chinese mustard is DISGUSTING!

Anyways. I was screwed up this past weekend. I found out that dad reads my blog once a week… or so he said.

… Didn’t make me happy and it obviously didn’t make him happy finding out all that below.

Dad if you are reading this right now, I love you, but please, don’t read this. Okay fine. Read it. But don’t complain to me what I blog about. And I’m sorry that I was unreasonable that night, but really, are you going to dictate what I do with my sexual life? I hope not dad. I love you and I learned my lesson from it (never lie like that again), but please. I know what I am doing. Trust me. Please.

And then after that fiasco. I had a fight with Eric. It wasn’t a pretty fight. I really thought that I had lost one of my best friend – no brother. *huggles him* Wub you.

And I will be busy for the next couple weeks. This is my busy *sighs* schedule:

May 13 :: Jazz Band rehearsal
May 14 :: Timeline due for Ms. Pell
May 16 :: Spring Concert
May 17 :: Prom
May 22 :: VB Project due
May 23 :: Renaissance Trip
May 28 :: Slaughterhouse 5 project due
May 30 :: Take CCNA.
May 31 :: Senior Class Banquet

In between those, I got to complete all my Java work. Then complete everything that I have to do for Cisco other than the bloody CCNA.

So yeah. 3 weeks. Not enough time… *sighs and screams* SOMEONE SHOOT ME!


  1. sounds like you’re a sensible girl :)

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