Another Mike Incident

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I had a strange Friday Night / Saturday Morning

Couple weeks ago, Jen introduced Lori and I to Mike and Felix “the Cat”. All of us didn’t like Felix… Lori dissed on him bad. But Mike was a different story. Jen had him in Biology together so she knew him, but did not know who Felix was. Apparently he was a friend of Mike. BTW, Mike is a 22 year old GI. And he’s pretty cute too. Quoting from Lori, “He’s attractive and got very beautiful eyes.”

One day, during Biology class, he asked Jen what kind of drinks we liked. She told him that she was a Jack and Coke girl, Lori was a Corona girl, and I was a Screwdriver girl. So he went and bought all those stuff so we could come over to his house, who lives in the same neighborhood as Jen and I, and party.

That’s what we decided to do this past Friday.

It started off as normal as things could go. We got there at about 8:30ish, and started with listening to music. Jen had forgotten to bring Meteora, so I volunteered to go get mine, and I dragged her with me so she could stop by and see my dress. She absolutely loved it. ^_^ So got the cd and went back to his house. Oh yeah, before I looked at his DVD collection and saw Sex and the City season 2 dvd set. I asked if I could borrow it, and he said I can just keep it saying it’s not even his LOL. So yep! I got me a free dvd set! ^_^ Lori was MAD, she wanted it, but hey “first come, first serve” ^_^.

Then things got odd, dunno if it was because of all the alcohol or not, but it did. Lori gave me a lap dance, and the first time, it fucking tickled so it made me rather uncomfortable. Then she gave the other two the lap dance as well. *sniggers* I think Mike enjoyed it a little too much.

ANYWAYS, then things between him and me were odd. I guess one could say I am a prude type and a little too shy. x_x;; Somehow he and I got into the topic of dancing. He said that he couldn’t dance and I said I couldn’t dance, but we all wanted to see him do a butt dance. Me included, I mean come on, he is hot. Then he started teased me into dancing as well, and I was adamantly refusing. Strange… I’m a band girl and I cannot dance to the beat. I got problems. Somewhere along the lines, he started squeezing my ass, and er… I beat him for it. Well not beat him up, but I slapped him away… Jen and Lori gave me knowing looks, and I bet you I was just blushing awfully red.

Then Jen had to go home at 10.

It was just Lori, Mike, and me at Mike’s place now. *shakes head* Lori and Mike were slamming down their Coronas and Heinikens. Me? I was taking my time with my screwdriver. And I think I have a very good idea what would happen if I ever get drunk. I’d get majorly exhausted. I think I was slightly buzz cuz I felt tiiiiiired and then I felt sick. I didn’t barf, but I sure as heck felt like it.

Somewhere along the lines I was booty dancing with Mike. Erm… it wasn’t intentional on my sake. He was just standing behind me and wrapped his arms around me and music was going on in the background… so yeah. I still do not like booty dancing. It just … I don’t know. Too strange for me. x_x;; But I can do it, sorta. Mike said “Hey you can dance!” And Lori gave me pointers. Can we say I felt like a dancing idjit?

Then Lori went in the bathroom. Mike kissed me and all things starting from there, became beyond strange. We were having an intense tonsil hockey, that we didn’t even notice Lori coming out of the bathroom till we stopped for a minute. Okay…then I didn’t feel like going home anymore. It was almost time for me to go home, so I called and asked my mum if I could spend the night at Lori’s. She gave me permission after a very long argument. Meanwhile, Lori and Mike were having a heart-to-heart chat about many things, me included. After I was done, mum wanted me to pick up some stuff at home, so I waited for Lori to finish the chat and we stopped by my house to get my stuff and Lori got more kimchi. Oh and I took Forrest Gump dvd with me so Lori can finally watch it.

Lori told me that Mike wanted to get to know me better before things happened. He thought that I was cute, nice, got a great sense of humour, and etc. Er… yeah. She also found out that he seemed to be a pretty nice guy and that she approved of him.

We got back and blah blah. Mike and I were in his room, making out, and he went past first base to speak figuratively (as in *cough* fingering me), and Lori caught us. Dragged me out and gave me a heart-to-heart chat. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this chat. It’s like… Lori really cared. I could tell she cared. I’m the only friend she has that’s still a virgin, and she doesn’t want me to lose it in the worst way. I mean damn… she kept apologising about having this conversation, but frankly, I didn’t mind at all. I mean… I understand where she was coming from and I know she was telling me this from the bottom of her heart, so yeah…

But then we popped in Forrest Gump and Mike’s roomate, Phillip, whom I didn’t know even existed came and he joined us for a while. Then Mike and I went to pick up Quincy, Lori’s fiancee. Lori and Quincy were gonna spend the night here as well, but Lori was a little too drunk. So Mike dropped them off in Felix’s ugliest, suckiest car, and then it was just Mike, Phillip, and I at their house.

Oh and by the time we got back it was 4:30 am ish… almost close to 5 am lol. Shite…

Of course I slept with Mike, in his bed, with only 1 pillow and no blanket. Lori took the other pillow and the blanket LOL. That Lori *sniggers*. Lori told us to behave, but for Mike, I think that was kind of difficult. I found out later, that not only was he under the influence of alcohol (14 bottles of Heiniken… if that isn’t an influence, I don’t know what is), but the fact that he hasn’t been laid for 5 months. I guess things have been kinda down ever since him and his *dryly* 17 year old Korean wife separated.

But yeah… add those two facts together, he had enough libido for 10 men probably. So between 5 AM and 8 AM, er let’s just say he got two hand jobs. I finally saw a guy cum… it was erm… interesting and gross at the same time. But yeah… things happened….and now I don’t know what will happen. Dunno if this is gonna be a one-night stand or if we continue to meet and get to know each other better. Jen and Lori says that we should take it slow… erm okay. Will do that. I think I am cursed with guys… we always end up moving fast the first time… oh well. Too late to take it back now…

Yes that was my strange weekend. If you read this all, then Kudos to you.


  1. hmm interesting story. very interesting.

  2. Yeah… ditto that… *cough*

  3. Nessie on

    Wow @_@ LOL XD "interesting and gross at the same time" Yeah it kinda is. But hey, we kinda get sloppy too sometimes ;P and female ejaculation < <; thats just one big puddle. ^^;; *shuts up* Yay for high alcohol tolerence >D

  4. Steph on

    Well…sounds like you had fun to say the least. Lol, I hope things work out the way you want them to, and good luck ^^’ *hugs*

  5. …Oh… my… god Tara!! O.O !!! I cannot tell you how many times my jaw hit the floor in reading all that… omg…! You go girl! But yeah! Listen to Jen and Lori! And damn… damn damn… wow. LoL. RAWR!

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