The Middle

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I hate being in the middle.

What middle, you ask? The middle of the goody goody two shoes and the the “baddies”. It’s like I am too good for the baddies, yet too bad for the goodies. It gets rather frustrating.

The goodies doesn’t smoke or drink like me. They don’t cuss a lot like me. I do all that, and I think it drives them nuts. The baddies do what I do, but it seems like I do not have the right attitude to be with them. I like both group, but yet being stuck in the middle isn’t fun.

Anyone else feels that way? Like an oddball from the 9th Galaxy of Zupmar, who is stranded on this planet? Aigoo…


  1. just be normal woman! a bit of both is good =)

  2. Kaoru on

    -nod nod nod- I’m in the middle… Well… Actually I don’t even know where I am. I don’t think there’s a middle or beginning where I am… In fact there’s probably not an end either… There could be a multitude of middles or ends… So strange… -goes back to sleep- Zzzz =_=

  3. Lady Athena on

    Just be yourself. That’s all anyone can ask for. Don’t try to mold yourself for one particular type of group. If one group can stand the fact that you have a mid-way style of another group, then tell them to piss off. You are you, so don’t try to change for others! Just be happy with yourself! ^_^ Ja!

  4. Steph on

    Heh, I know kinda what you mean…see my latest blog entry for details -_-‘

  5. Most people are in that middle position. ;) And it’s not a bad place to be! A little bit of both worlds makes a balanced person – You have fun, but keeps you out of trouble with the law (..most times anyway…)!

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