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I got Chobits first dvd today. Whoo hoo! I’ll watch it whenever I got time now. Whoot… which isn’t very much x_x;; But nevertheless, I am happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Chobits didn’t interest me. Sorry.

  2. panties panties! that was a great anime :D

  3. Wai~ its such a cute series. Id get the DVDs if i didnt already have the whole thing downloaded <_< heh

  4. Never heard of Chobits but I’m glad your happy.

  5. OMFG! Cutest layout in the world, ever! I so love this, where did you find that graphic? It’s like the sweetes thing I have ever seen and I want one! XD

  6. Lady Athena on

    Hee hee! Chobits is soo cute! Whenever Chii says ‘Hideki’ I burst out laughing. She’s so adorable!

  7. Chobits is okay… It’s not something I would positively die after. But I think Sumomo is ultra kawaii.

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