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I finally contacted my third grade teacher. She’s my favourite elementary school teacher as Mrs. Lee is of high school. I’m so glad to have finally got a way of contacting her. It was a BITCH trying to find someone that had her email and mailing address. Oi…

Senioritis has hit me bad. Would anyone believe me if I said that I am actually getting a 92% in VB instead of my usual 100%+ ? I don’t think Eyvonne, Karey, and Richard would. But whatever. I am so far behind in Java, VB, and Cisco. Now I’m gonna fall behind in English. Funny how I am falling behind in the classes I need to work in. Oh fark it anyways.

After I remembered my schedule all the way from 7th grade till now, I realised that I am graduating with 29 credits when the minimum is 24. Too bad the extra 5 credits don’t go nowhere. >_< ;; That fark up. Why the hell couldn't the min be 28 or something? 7 x 4 is 28 after all. Oh duh. It's cuz of the dumbasses we got at school right? Oh well. Fark it. If you click the link below it will show you my schedule from 7th grade and ontill. The only classes that counted toward my graduation credit was the Korean language one I took in 8th grade. Other than that, the courses I took doesn’t count toward my credits starting from 9th grade. Oi x_x;; Oh and I realised I took 9 computer courses in 3 years, with 5 courses during my senior year. Am I insane or what? Yes I truly am… aigoo.

7th Grade
German 1
Science 7
Beginning Band
Math 7
World Geography
English 7

8th Grade
Science 8
Math 8
English 8
Intermediate Band
US History

9th Grade
Cadet Band
World Regions
Korean 3
Honours English 9
Algebra 1

10th Grade
Cadet Band
World History / Child Care
Computer Apps 1 / 2
Health / World History
English 10

11th Grade
Algebra 2
AP US History
English 11
Concert Band
Cisco Networking 1
Telecommunications / CWE

12th Grade
Concert Band
CWE / Intermediate Band’s Aide
Visual Basics 1 / 2
CSS / English 12
Cisco Networking 2
AP Gov’t / String Ensemble’s Aide
English 12 / Java

4 English
3 Math
3 Science
3 Social Studies
1 PE
.5 Health
1 Art
1 Career
1 Computer
3 Language
9.5 Electives = 30 out of 24 needed credits.


  1. o_0 crazy ^^’

  2. Lady Athena on

    Yup. I had more than enough credits when I graduated, too! I hated 7th grade the most, though. How I wanted to hurt those little, annoying, air-headed bimbos…err…*sweatdrop* sorry. Anyway, once you graduate from highschool, the classes that are easier than some of the ones you’ve taken will end up seeming harder because of the load. Plus, you’ll need 60 something credits in order to get just your associates degree! However, the good things do weigh out the bad ones. Anyway, good luck with your graduation and have fun at your prom! Ja ne!

  3. computer geek o.O
    jks. those are some interesting classes your school offers. lucky!

  4. helloitsme (no one you know) on

    cool. I hopefully will GRADUATE if I get my ars into gear…but that might never come. I take the same classes as you, maybe some different, but alls well that ends well eh? (wha?) NeVeRmInD! ^-^

  5. Crimson on

    Hey Tara! *super-glomp* Sorry I haven’t stopped in a LONG while *sheepish grin* I just wanted to tell you while I’m broke and before I get a new .com you can find my new temp. location of my blog at and you can email me at or contact me via AIM at Chesshirekitty. Mucho love!

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