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Weekend. Yes!!!

Wonderful! Whoo hoo! Sleep-in time!

Isn’t the weekend a wonderful thing. ^_^

Anyways, as most of ya’ll know by now, it was raining. Yes. It was. HARD. And guess who didn’t have an umbrella? If you guessed Tara, then you win the prize. And the prize is… well nothing really. Just felt like typing that. I was a wet dog during 4th period. I was a puddle of rain water.

Haha! I made up a new quote. Here is the new one and the ones I made up before.

“Trust in some cases is evil as evil itself.”

“Life sucks ass and you suck life.”

“Life is never enjoyable. It’s just there. Some days are good, bad, or in between. If there really is a God, then living on Earth is his form of punishment toward us humans.”

“I’m too fucking diverse for my own good. Whatever I choose from the multitude of choices will either leave me happy or regretful”

The last one is the one where I made up today. Yesterday and I modified it today. Isn’t it so true? Thinking about all the choices I have in my life, such as choosing college majors and shite… I mean damn. I’m too diverse. Sometimes being single-minded is good. At least you won’t regret choosing something else. *grins sardonically* Supposedly I choose Film and Writing as my majors, and later when I’m 50 years old and an old fart, I’d wish I had chosen Computer Science or whatnot. Whatever.

Hrm… what is my plans for the weekend? Bum around, clean my room (needs MAJOR cleaning), hang out with friends if they go out, and etc. Of course being on the PC is another one of those things I have to do. I just cannot get of this piece of machinery. Computer is an addiction. All form of addiction is bad and this is pretty bad as well. Depends from who’s POV you look though. My mum think it’s bad because it ruins my eyes and back, but me… I LOVE IT! ^_^

But yeah. OH! I thought up 3 more movie plots to think of. Now I just need to LEARN how to write screenplay… that should be fun and frustrating. An oxymoron that is there… strange. And I gotta take the driving class so I can get a driver’s license thing. Whoo hoo… kill me now. It’s gonna conflict my schedule. This is what my schedule looks like for the new month till grad:

April 30 :: Meet up with Lori and go with her to Heranail.
May 12 :: Do my nail for prom
May 16 :: Band Concert
May 17 :: Prom
May 18 :: The stupid ambassador tea party
May 19 :: Lori leaving and hopefully Senior Skip Day
May 26 – 30 :: Last week for Seniors so most likely Finals
June 2 – 5 :: Visit grandma
June 6 :: June Jamboree
June 7 :: Graduation

With the driver’s class. x_x;; it’s gonna drive me nuts. GAHHHHHHHHH! Oh well.


  1. hey that reminds me of this really cool quote i came up with the other day, but unfortunately i’ve forgotten it now :(

  2. happy easter !

  3. "Life is never enjoyable. It’s just there. Some days are good, bad, or in between. If there really is a God, then living on Earth is his form of punishment toward us humans."

    Alex says that all the time. Of course, he is a lot more cruel and angsty when he says it.

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