Graduation Crap

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Kali, my school and classes aren’t weird. I’m just one of those “good” girls that got almost all her credits before her senior year. For my senior year, all I needed were: English for the whole year, Government for half a year, and 2 electives. I only needed 3 credits of math, science, and social studies, and I already got them when I completed my junior year. That took care of my core classes except for English. Since DoDDS school doesn’t allow shortened schedules, I had to choose classes and since there weren’t any other classes to take (and I was NOT about to kill myself by taking AP Science or Math courses), I just decided to amuse myself with music and computer classes. That should explain it. ^_^

Click here to view how my class ring roughly looks like.

I found out that I can digitally recreate my ring, so I did that so you guys can see my ring ^_^ I love my ring! 10K White Gold. Mwahahaha! Oh yes. I got my graduation package. Here are my contents:

Graduation Bear
Return Address Labels
50 seals
Expandable Memory Book
Photo Announcement Cover
Friendship Photo Album
Brass Nameplate for the Memory Book
Silver Grad Year Keyring
Embossed Thank You Cards
Senior Silver Key
Senior Silver Key On A Large Silver Chain
50 Name Cards

Yes we ordered a lot. ^^;; I love my bear, but what pisses me off is that my Memory Book hasn’t come at all. x_x;; Odd how they’d send me the nameplate, but not the book itself. What the fark is that about? Oh well… ^^;; Ahh I love my bear! I’m gonna have fun with this… once I get a reply from Jostens about the memory book. I emailed the earlier… so hopefully I’ll hear some news. Well I’m outs now.


  1. O_O Holy crap, how much did that stuff cost?! What a rip off….o_O;

    It’s all very nice though, heh :3 I love the bear xD

  2. hat is so great ^^’ and your bear looks amazingly cute :D I love your ring most though ^^’ *wonders what my ring will look like next year*

  3. Kalirose on

    That just seems odd to me. See, at my high school, you had to take goverment every year and English every year – regardless how many credits you had in said subject. My school really wasn’t big on electives either. Computer, Chorus and Spanish or French were the only ones. Oh, and shop classes. So it just seems very weird to me is all. And I’ve never even heard of Cisco and networking and all those classes you talk about except band so, yeah. ^_^

  4. How come the left ring says 2003 and the middle says 2015? And the right one says Tara, but the middle says Theresa? o.O o.O o.O

  5. Oh whoops you said ROUGHLY looks like. Sorry >.<

  6. Whoa .. that’s alot of stuff lol. You got way more than I did lol. All I got was my ring (that I can’t find!) but I got that my Sophmore year. Then I got a keyring, a necklace that say’s ’98’ on it and a Senior memory book. I had to make my own announcements, envelopes and what not since I was grad’ing midterm. But! The bear is adorable!!! Kawaii!! ^.^

  7. You gosthei mui deste layout, mui perfect

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