3rd Quarter Grades

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I got my report card just now and I’m at school obviously. x_x;; My spring break is over … WAHHH! Oh well. Here are my lovely grades.

Advanced Band :: A
Intermediate Band :: A
Visual Basics 2 :: A+
English 12 :: A
Cisco Networking 1 :: B
String Ensemble :: A+
Java :: A+

Damn Networking. If it wasn’t for that, I could have gotten straight A’s… oh bloody fucking hell. Oh well. I hope my parents like my grade results. It’s still good in my standards, even though I’m taking all these bullshite classes. Aigoo.


  1. dayam, they teach u vb and networking in highschool? must be some hell of a school…

    nice grades btw. showoff =p

  2. Wow! *is impressed* I wish my grades were that awsome -_-

  3. Kalirose on

    Those are really weird classes; what kind of a school do you go to? Don’t you have to take history? Anyway, lucky! I always had crappy grades in high school. You should feel very proud of yourself.

  4. LOL That seems like fucking bullshit….VB and networking in HS! NOT TO MENTION JAVA! LMFAO what a joke……

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