Roy & Country

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Roy came back. ^_^ That was a nice suprise *coughs* Jen. XD I knew that was the surprise once you or was it Jeff (?) asked us if Roy came down there yet. XD. Haha!

It was so wonderful to see the Tokki-loving boy, no man. He’s cool. A fellow anime fan he is and he’s awesome. I’m glad he’s stationed at Osan now. He’s on leave right now. Whoo hoo! For a whole freaking month! Yeah! XD.

Man… Jen and Lori are leaving. Lori’s leaving next month, at least she gets to stay here till my prom time. I need someone to help me primp up, and Jen’s leaving in July. *sighs* Who am I gonna chill after they leave? Not saying I don’t have a problem with the guys, but it’s good to have some girl friends, right? Someone to talk about guys with, someone to talk about fashion with, and etc… Unless I find a fucking gay guy here to befriend with, but nooo. I’m stuck with the straight guys after they leave lol. Poor me. I’ll miss them a lot.

Damn you, Lori! For getting me into country music. Shite! And here I was thinking that almost all country music sucks! Apparently not the Dixie Chicks and Garth Brooks. I’m weird yes. But yeah… I also like my oldies. Whoo hoo. And yes this is a random paragraph.

Ah… can’t believe Spring Break is almost over. Nooooo! Why do time fly when you are having so much fun and yet time slows down when you aren’t having fun. I still say that by logic and common sense, it should be the other way around. Don’t ya agree? Everyone should. XD

I’m tired… x_x;; I guess I should sleep ne? Yes. That’s a brilliant idea, Tara. Oh well. I’m outs.


  1. country music? i’m never coming here again!!!!!!!!!! =p

  2. Coronet on

    Roy? that name seems to ring a bell.. *wonders why*

  3. Oh My God….COUNTRY!!?? WHAT THE FUCK!! Hey, I live roughly 60 miles from the Country Capitol of the world and I still hate every little bit of it! So I don’t know how you ended up liking it but…….well…Jesus Christ…….

  4. *RAISED EYEBROW* Country…

  5. Good Lord…Country music, eh? What’s next, Incan Seduction Music? -_-;; Oh well, I can’t really say much either. Lately, makne and I’ve been getting into some Christian music, but only two bands: Skillet and Seventh Day Slumber. Now they got some tite music. You have to listen to Skillet VERY carefully to even know that it is a Christian band. Not bad, really. However, Country is sorta a different matter. Alternative is alright, but Country…well, to each their own choices. I can’t say anything to you for what you like, right? ^_^ Right.

  6. Kalirose on

    Country? *shivers* Ewww! Whatever floats your boat, Tara-chan but…ew.

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