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Ah… my ears are okay. Yay. ^^; Oh well… but it STILL hurts! I wasn’t able to sleep last night … oh well.

Mum, my aunt, and I went to Itaewon today. We bought my dress. It’s a blue one… I can’t really describe it, but the “bow” thing at the back can be used as a shawl. That’s bloody cool! ^^ My mum ended up liking it. *snorts* She should trust my judgement more often. I know when I see something I like and that looks good on me. Oh well… that cost about 95,000 won. About 89 bucks. Not bad for an evening dress thing.

The shoes… my mum did not want to pay 60,000 won for a pair of shoes. That’s roughly about 55 bucks. Well I’m sorry that it’s so expensive… I mean it is fucking handmade. Oh well. I still got it anyways.

Now all I need is a necklace and I’m done! ^_^ And when prom time comes, nail, hair, and make-up time. *dies* I’m insane… all that for my senior prom. Bleh. Oh well.


  1. ahhh getting all sexified up for the prom. how nice ^_^ take some pics!

  2. Lady Athena on

    Hence why I never went to mine.

  3. stephiee on

    ooh ur prom ^^ take pixies n have fun!

  4. Aww Tara ^^’ Your going to look so pretty! Be sure to take pics ne?

  5. You must have pictures. =o

    Have fun!! <3

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