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Ouch… ouch… thank god I have no interest in piercing any other parts of my body now. *winces* Ouch!!!

WAS supposed to go buy my freaking prom dress today with mum, but she decided to work on her “garden” instead. Oh well. Decided to just go get my ears pierced. So met up with Lori at her house. Watched her got ready… actually watched Cartoon Network. Can’t believe she got the actual CN over there. Oh well. Then caught a cab and went looking for Charms.

The day before I had called and asked where it was located and how much it was going to cost. The guy told me it was near King Club and with a discount he’d let me pierce for 15,000 won. So yeah. But finding that place was a fucking bitch! Lori knew where King Club was, but … let’s just say we DID not see it. After walking around the area like idiots we were for like ten minutes, we finally went to two stores to ask if they knew where it was. The first one didn’t, but the second one did. We got directions from here and well we found it. In a freaking alleyway.

Yeah… so went in there and chose earrings. Lori suggested something diamondish so it can match my dress and I don’t have to take it out for it. So we looked and we chose. Let’s just say I am not a person to sit still, espescially with all the apphrehension in me. I was like fucking jumping even when the guy was just putting dots on my ears. Yep… one interesting thing about Charms. They do not use needles or guns to pierce your ear. They use the earrings itself. Yes, it hurt like a mother fucker. Lori said that the facial expression I had looked like I was going to scream, but lo and behold, I didn’t. I just gripped my legs hard.

Afterward, I paid (the guy almost made me pay 20,000 won till I reminded him that I called and all) and for the next 30 minutes my ears felt as if they were on fire. To all those people that said piercing ears doesn’t hurt, BLOW ME! IT HURTS! IT FUCKING HURT LIKE HELL. >_< ;; I do not like those bullshite people tell me about how piercing ears doesn't hurt. Just shut up. I know when something hurts and that hurt. ANYWAYS! We walked to Heranail, a place where Lori gets her nail and makeup done and shite and met Sandy. Now she was one cool lady. I can see why Lori goes to her to do the nails and stuff. But we asked how much nail, hair, and makeup would cost and … well I am going to have to only do 2 out of 3, cuz all 3 cost over 100,000 won. O_O I wonder if my parents are willing to do that… I don’t know. All I know is that it’s expensive lol. Then we went to her house and Quincy (Lori’s current BF) came over. Lori made something very interesting tonight. Stuffed Steak… very interesting. XD. Pretty good too! We watched parts of Medal of Honour on TV and then I left. Yes… a very interesting day. Yay… XD. I look prettyful now and in pain.


  1. my dumb ass mother pulled out the plants i put in the garden last week!!! freakin dumbbbbb

  2. Lady Athena on

    My mom: "Ear piercing only feels like a pinch." Bull crap! I have two holes in each ear! Two of them had to be re-done and the top ones are new. I need new earrings, though. The bottom ones are gold, but the top ones are steel. They are painful little buggers! As much as I like my earrings, I sometimes hate them because I have to remember what I went through to get them there. I know exactly how you feel about the ear piercing thing. They look nice, but hurt like crap. Anyway, I hope they don’t hurt anymore. Ja ne!

  3. Britani on

    Hmmm, perhaps most of the people who have their ears pierced had it done when they were very small, and thus don’t remember the pain? I had mine done when I was five, and I remember is staring to scream hysterically, and the nurses having to hold me down…maybe these people also have lousy memories.

  4. Whoa @_@ I got my first peircing when i was a baby, so i dont remember it at all. (But my mom did tell me it was was a bad experience =o) But i got my second ear piercing done when I was… hmm… o.O *slaps self* like 12 or 13.

    It was a pinch and was a lil uncomfortable for awhile. But I never hurt that bad x_X; Owies.

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