8 Mile

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Eminem was awesome. Now I can see why everyone is so gung-ho about this movie. It was awesome. It certainly made me respect rap more now.

The whole idea of racial discrimination in this movie was good. It’s amazing how Caucasians can be discriminated as well in an African American community. Just because you are Caucasian doesn’t mean you can’t rap. That’s how many viewed Jimmy “Rabbit” in this movie. It must’ve been hard to get respect in a rapping community like that.

The interaction between Jimmy and his “dawgs” was very interesting. They accepted him and Cheddar Bob despite their ethnic background, they’ve accepted one another. I like to see gangs like that. Interracial friendship. I think that’s the best type of friendship in today’s society. But yes the members of the 3-1-3 gang were one heck of a funny cliche.

And then showing how Jimmy is a “white trash” was just poignant. It shows that even Caucasian people can be well… poor I suppose. Lily was adorable. Whenever I saw Jimmy treats his sister so lovingly it bought tears to my eyes. A hardcore guy like him knows how to love… that’s very just poignant. And when he made her go in while the Free World gang beat him up, it was just so sacrificing.

And then rap battles. It’s amazing how they just think of those off the top of their heads. Of course they really didn’t since this is a movie, but in real life that’s how they’d do it and it’s like … damn they certainly have to think quick on their feet in that kind of battle. The part where Jimmy kicked everyone’s ass in the final battle was very good. He certainly punked out those guys. Returning every single insults back to them and then the one with Papa Doc… damn.

Yes people. Watch it. This is no ordinary rap movie. I wasn’t so keen on it at first, but I wanted to watch it anyways and now that I did, I do not regret it at all.


  1. Kalirose on

    Personally, I hated the movie. I couldn’t even finish it I found it so boring. I’m not much of a rap fan aside from Eminem so that could be why what with them rapping more than they talked. I didn’t get into the rap battles. I did like Rabbit but I think that’s just because basically…he’s Emininem under a different name. The similarities were just so strong. *shrugs* I still didn’t like the movie though but that’s just me.

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