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SB started yesterday. Whoo hoo! Time for me to recuperate and party ^_^. Yesterday I met up with Lori, went to Dongdaemun to see if they had prom dresses, they didn’t. We went to a HOF and it sucked ass. The drinks there were NOT worth our money. Then we came back to her house and I slept over. It was fun. We had a Frank Durabont (sp?) festival with Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption. We both cried our eyes out in the former. x.x So sad. *sniffles* We also saw most of Cora Ashamed. I’m gonna blog out the movie at Cineblog in a minute.

We went to bed at about 4 AM today. XD I woke up at 12:30 and she woke up before 2. We are bad. After showering and all, we went to my house so she could drop her stuff off. She had a formal ball to attend today and she did NOT want to walk down the hill in her “Come-Fuck-Me” shoes, so I offered that she got ready at my house and she did. Then we went to the beauty parlour and I permed my hair. It’s curlier than before, and mom and I thought it be best because the curls might last longer this time. I don’t like how it’s so curly, but hopefully it will relax later. I look funkay! XD. After that we had dinner at Havana and then we came home and she got ready. She looked sexy. ^_^ Hee hee! I’m sure her date wasn’t disappointed!

After THAT, I met up with Jen and Jeff and we went to Havanna again and No Rae. We went back to Jen’s and well she did our tarot readings. This was my results:

Past: I was a sensible person.
Present: I’m a greedy bitch.
Future: I will become a successful business woman.
Past Love: Forgot.
Future Love: Forgot.

XD. Overall I will have a good life, yet I will have many people that will piss me off to all hell and bring me down. Yet I will die happily and Jen said that if I committed suicide, she’d cast a spell and come to Astral Plane and kick my ass. Scary woman. XD. Jen went through the cards that was in the deck I picked and I had a lot of shields and cups. But what freaked me was that I got the Tower in there. O_O. Okay that freaked me out since with my limited Tarot Card knowledge, that’s a BADASS card. Gah… that just freaked me. Oh well… but it was an interesting experience. Jeff had many spears and er many reversed card. x_x;; It seems like he is not gonna have a real happy life. I do hope that doesn’t become true.

Bleh… time to shut up.


  1. bleh, i dont like buyin drinks when i got clubbin, im like broker than usual by the time the nights finished…

  2. Chibi Misao on

    Whee! Tara-chan’s going to be rich ^_^ lol.

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