Rainbow Boys

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I borrowed Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez this morning before school started and I completed it 10 minutes before school was out. It was an awesome book. About three gay teens coming out. Jason was a jock with a girlfriend who’s slowly discovering his true sexual orientation. Kyle is know he’s gay but doesn’t want to tell anyone, espescially his parents. Nelson is erm… been gay all his life and he expresses it quite fondly. Nelson and Kyle are best friends. Nelson likes Kyle, Kyle likes Jason, and Jason likes … Debra, his girlfriend at the time.

This is an excellent book. Me being already familiar with homosexuals, understood ever single joke there. Haha. It was easy to read and the author wrote it well. He was sympathetic with the three guys. It’s just a good book. Read it people.

Other than that, I had a rather nice day. Erm… wore my band uniform to school today. After we took our yearbook pics, I took off the jacket and the tie. x_x;; I hate ties. Now I can see WHY guys hate them. They are bloody uncomfortable. Hooked up with Lori and she bought the most gorgeus dress for this one charity ball at Itaewon. Oh man. It was pretty. Heck I’d wear it too if it’d fit me! ^_^ And it was only 65 thousand won. About 62 bucks.

Went back to her house, Lori cooked dinner. Waited for Greg. He’s a 36 year old GI. Very interesting and very nice. ^_^ But of course older guys are more mature… Never mind I take that back. XD. But yeah… Woot. That was a fun night…


  1. Kalirose on

    Hm, sounds good! ^^ I’ll have to look into that one. Poppy Z. Brite writes really good homosexual novels too in case you’d be wanting to read some more. She’s got a new one out right now I’m dying to get ahold of about 2 guys that are just realizing they’re gay and in love. They’ve been best friends all their life but the one’s afraid to come out because he’s from a very religous background. I just have to read that book. ^__^

  2. yeah i hate stuff thats tight around my neck. its like your slowly being choked…

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