Slaughterhouse 5

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I am such a nerd XD. We started reading Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut in English today. Being the nerd and bookworm I am, I went to the library, no RAN to the library and looked for the book to borrow and continue reading it. Ms. Pell wouldn’t let me or anyone borrow it claiming she doesn’t have enough book. Even after telling her that I’d bring it back tomorrow didn’t help. Oh well. I had to go to the library anyways. I borrowed A Different Seasons by Stephen King and I had to extend my borrowing period. ^_^ I’m in “Apt Pupil” right now. Really interesting. Both story and book I am reading right now deals with WW2 topic. Interesting.

But yeah…my life is boring. Spring break starts this Thursday after school. Can’t wait! Party time! ^_^


  1. aigoo chamna! you’re such a diligent person aren’t u? i wish i was liek that sometimes…

  2. Wish you the best of times on your break. I’ll just sulk in the corner.

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